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Firstly, Bi-pods... my lord.
A bi-pod should be able to be set on ANY sturdy surface and I mean STURDY surface. Placing a bi-pod on a hand rail seems very unstable to me, you could hook the legs and use the rail to support the gun. Wouldn't the legs slip off the rail after the first shot? Another thing, sometimes you have to aim down at the object you want to place it on which gets you killed because you no longer see what's in front of you. Another issue I have about the bi-pod is that they make it stationary. By stationary I mean that you only have a limited range of motion with it and I get that you can move your person to move the bi-pod but if you move too far you need to redeploy it. For Example, I place my M249 with bi-pod in the center of a window frame however I can't turn the fully available range the window provides, I can only turn about 80-90 degrees not the full, lets say 100 degrees available. And before you jump to thinking that 90 Degrees is the full view the window provides let me tell you, you are thinking of a corner where 2 walls meet, 90 degrees is a perfect corner not the full range of visibility of your eyes through the window. The Sniper rifles have much better range of mobility but still are forced to be stationary.

TL;DR: Bi-pods need to be allowed to be deployed on more surfaces, there are too many places that don't allow them to rest on. As well as a better ranger of motion with them.

Bots after the new update, more specifically on the truck's LMG.
I'm all for harder bots, and by that I mean more intelligent. This improved aim distance and reaction time crap is very annoying to say the least. I can't actually count how many times I've been sniped by the truck's LMG as soon as it turns the corner. I don't care that they are aimed in my direction, the reaction time is too fast, it takes time to register your surroundings when you turn a corner. I've had enemies jump onto the LMG which is aimed 90 degrees from my direction and the bot immediately shoots me in the face because they teleport onto the truck and swing 90 degrees in 0.50 seconds.

I've experienced this same reaction time with bots on foot, I'll be turning a corner and meet a bot and before I can even hipfire I'm dead. As well as the distance at which they have fantastic aim. When the enemy is half the height of the scope zoomed in with a 7x scope and I'm getting rained on with bullets then I think they can detect you from a little too far. I'm not saying they shouldn't be able to return fire in my direction with decent accuracy, I'm saying they shouldn't be the first to notice an enemy and start firing. I know we are talking about AI here, and it's never going to be perfect, but please do something about the aim hacks you gave them. (Ps. Thank you for taking away the laser-guided Molotov aim)

TL;DR: Bots should have slightly reduced reaction time and reduced... distance recognition? Not sure what to call it right now.

Prone improvements
I'm not a fan of the old prone system that Sandstorm is using. It's 2019 people. I'm not saying copy Ubisoft's Rainbow Six siege but learn from it. We need a better, more fluid prone than what we have. This current one is old and garbage. We need leaning in prone, laying on your back (crawling on your back should be slower because realism), rolling as a side sprint option (Double tap A or D not actual sprinting or long distance rolling) as a quick "Oh f**k I'm being shot at" move to get out of the way or behind cover. Yes I realize that your equipment would hinder this a bit. This would be a great improvement to the game and finally take away that horrible leg swinging rotating on a pin crap we can prone.

TL;DR: Make prone more human.

Possible added features
For being a military sim type game I'm surprised there isn't any feature that allows you to use doorways, trees, poles or any other stable vertical surface as a make shift bi-pod or stabilizer using your arm to hold the barrel against the object for additional support while firing. I see Trainers teaching this all the time at tactical training facilities. As well as the prone thing I mentioned above -hint hint- -wink wink-.

Finally, I would like to thank the Devs for making such an amazing game. I hope to see this game franchise become the most popular shooter ever.

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I agree with you about the Bipod deployment. They need to work out the issues with it and give it more versatility. For example, why can't I deploy my Bipod on a bus's drivers seat but I can deploy it on a hand rail, which by the way would not give good support to shooting and would slip off after the first shot.

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It's realistic though. IRL they have ammo for shotguns that can kill a dear at 200 Yards.