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I think they are just trying to avoid interaction with the haters. We'll see.

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This contest is for people in North America, not the EU. The next one that I do will have prizes for people in the EU, but right now, we need more NA players.

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Contest starts today and will wrap up on Oct. 29th, with winners announced on the 30th. Unfortunately, I have to limit this first contest to NA people only.

The rules are simple. Write an ORIGINAL "S.T.A.L.K.E.R./FTW" inspired short story. The 3 best win. Myself and 1 other person will decide who the winners are. Obviously, if only 3 people present stories, they will automatically win. Hopefully there will be more.

The copies will be awarded through STEAM. I am paying for them out of my own pocket.

Looking forward to reading some good short stories.

To the mods, if you see people posting off topic, trying to be ignorant, please, feel free to delete any posts that are not relevant to the contest. Thanks.

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Come on guys. Surely you have some sort of development news to put out. This silence is deafening.

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Agreed. don't give up just because of the initial set backs. The good news is, that all of the little losers, that left shit reviews, to try to force F2P, can't really do any more damage. Little scum bags.

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@colabottle said in VASTOK Here is what you need to do, no not f2p:

hahahahaha Are you serious? This game cannot be deader. They have fail at marketing, promotion and game design spectacularly! Remember the first closed beta?! Who in his right mind releases something like that to the public? Doesn't he understand the consequences?

Your plan is just naive and dumb. It won't make a dent even if executed.
Unless FOCUS and Vostokgames overhaul all of their moronic practices and approaches and just maybe it will shoot up otherwise the game cant be more dead.

You typed a bunch of word salad and said absolutely nothing. EXACTLY what I expect from a pimple faced, masterbating 14 year old idiot. I LOVE how these little pussies run their mouths online, because they would get their face broke irl. You're just a chunk of cunt cheese floating down a river of ass crack sweat little boy. You don't even amount to equaling one drop of sweat off of my balls boy. I'd advise you to take your stupid, little kid ass elsewhere. I'm not the one you little bitch.

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@colabottle said in Serious lack of communication...:

@kwpops Consoles are grown ups now? LOOOOOOL the stupidest shit I've ever heard

That is the stupidest shit I've ever heard. I recommend reading the idiotic shit you write, before you post it, as an Xbox CANNOT be an "grown up", as your stupid ass statement says.

As far as adult vs child numbers, you're obviously stupid if you don't realize the demographics, of who is on the 1. MANY adults, dumbass kid.

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You can choose to play as a single player, in 4 man squads, in PUBG. There is A BIG difference in choosing to play out numbered, vs having LOSERS team, when they know EVERYONE else is playing solo. There is NO squads in FTW, atm, so of course you can't find a game, there is no squad mode and you damn well know that. Stop being a loser.

Since you brought up PUBG, if you pulled the weak ass teaming shit, in solos, in PUBG, your ass gets banned, which you also know.

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Anomalies and wolves already increase, in frequency, the closer it gets to the end of the game. Anomalies more so than wolves, but wolves increase as well.

As far as the smoke, no need to change it. It's there to add cover. Deal with it.

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