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Not sure if this is a bug but anyway: I have noticed that the time continues to run when performing a TTM action after choosing where to throw TM. The pick up and so on eats up many valuable seconds.

This obv. wastes a lot of time, especially with the current 2 min turns.

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100% agree that the goblin roster needs filling out. And agree that a few more cosmetic choices would be nice. One Troll face is not enough. An additional Troll with a lolling tongue looking really stupid would be appropriate.

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As I am unable to remember anything that happened/happens in the last few seconds, is there a way of implementing a "blood-lusted" icon above a vampire's head?

I am usually so busy sighing about rolling yet another one [38, 37 ones rolled in last two games, at time of posting!] I often forget to leave lustful vampire next to a thrall....

If the lusted vampire is blitzing then, at the very least, make the "flash" red?

And give us werewolves.

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@kejiruze said in Two easy-to-fix issues to make the game way more enjoyable:

The first idea is excellent, the second is trivial.

It may be trivial but for convenience it would be very welcome. Likewise having a naming template for teams would also be handy, so if you create a new team but want to use previous names for players you could.

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No I don't think Dorfs are OP, I've just finished a season in a league with mine. But you infer that they do need careful consideration when playing them, as positioning is key. Hence why having 2 mins v 3 mins would be a handicap.

And dwarves are easier to play than the Tier 3 teams such as gobbos and vamps. So T3 teams could do with a boost.

Perhaps, the handicap, such as it is, would work better simply giving additional time to some teams. Though in the CCL, for instance, waiting for someone to complete 4 min turns might be very taxing for some!

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Something that could be completely optional to implement into leagues: having the ability to change how long individual players/teams have to complete their turns.

So player A might have 2 min turns while their opponent player B has 3 min turns. In theory this is a handicap to player A.

Perhaps this could be implemented in a couple of ways.

Firstly, you could make it part of the inducements, which would obviously/potentially aid those teams at lower TV. It would be a costly inducement but worth it...a player who is rushing their turns may make more mistakes and give the underdogs more of a chance. They might not but the option would be there.

Secondly, you could make the duration of turns inherently linked to actual races. So in a league where this was implemented, for example, ALL dwarf teams would get 2 min turns, ALL Wood Elves teams 2 1/2 mins, ALL Vampires/Goblins/Halflings teams 3 mins.

Some teams do require more thought to play [not a dig!] and in a handicap system they should perhaps have more time to do so. So in a mirror match both dwarf teams would be playing 2 min turns and the inducements would still be in place to aid the lower TV team.

Dwarves v Vampires would be 2 mins v 3 mins, and so on.

This would be a fundamental shift I appreciate and would require much thought/effort to implement.

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If anyone is playing BB2 on an old laptop or PC and is struggling to run it, even on the lowest settings, then this may help. The following is for Steam.

Go into Library and right click on game.

Click Properties.

Click on Set Launch Options

Type the following minus the quotations "-force-d3d12"

Click OK.

The first time you do something like this, Steam will warn you about changing launch parameters or similar. Ignore/accept.

Remove "-force-d3d12" from Set Launch Options if problems/no improvement.

My laptop is AMD e350 with integrated 6310 graphics. Legacy drivers etc.

However forcing the game to use DirectX 12 [windows 10 only I believe] has made a huge difference. Enabling grass/spectators, keeping to a reasonable resolution; and of course v.low settings, means the game runs well and is okay to look at, albeit not as lovely looking as it could be.

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Old topic, however.

During set-up a summary of your opponent's Win/loss ratio, recent form, team preference, [recent] concedes/disconnects, number of times played today, average turn time etc would be useful/interesting. Hard to implement though, I'm sure.

Even the stats from the opponent's last game would suffice.

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Sage's suggestions are sound. Anything to help with sorting through teams would be of great benefit.

Perhaps, to add another filter, a "teams with actions pending" would prompt/present the player with all the teams awaiting things like player leveling up [although who doesn't do this right away], player replacement and so on.

I appreciate that the little golden chevron icon indicating players are ready for leveling exists but that still means manually checking through/across all the created teams.

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It's only a very small convenience related suggestion but: being able to set up and save some defensive [and offensive] formations in the Team Management area would be nice.

In essence, the provision of a new tab that takes you to a "training ground", allowing you to tinker with set-ups to your heart's content.

If you could also "set-up" against a dummy team and see the impact of your line-up, like the position of the guard piece[s] affect on blocks etc, that would be especially cool.

I know you can play friendly games against yourself to do this [to some extent] but if the above would be possible, surely it would be a benefit?