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I apologize beforehand if this is not in the right place.

So I had to use Leave Game button and immediately exited to desktop afterwards after finishing a match before the post-match screen (the one where the game shows you your match's stats and EXP gain) due to business IRL. What I didn't notice is that I leveled up in that match, and now my rank in the menu/profile is different than the one in a match.

SS (taken a few match after the bug occured when I just realized something's off):

  1. I levelled up to 39 in this match

  2. This is the match immediately after the last SS

So, is there any fix? Or should I just try to ignore the number difference? Thanks before.

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Ah so the decision has been made. To be honest I'm kind of glad; I'd rather have a delayed game but perfected instead of a rushed one.

Keep up the good work devs! I'm looking forward to it!

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