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Ok nvm I've manage to find it!
I've to change the name of all xml file inside the folder ..classes\trucks of all my modded vehicles


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@forces said in Change truck/addon name:

@kzzz said in Change truck/addon name:

@Forces Can you help me? 😁

its not the xmls its the strings you were close to your answer lol

<String Id="filename of the truck or addon xml" Value="title or name in your languaje" />

if youre russian you might run into issues with your letters because the game doesnt load them right most of the time same with chinese and south korean (words?)

if you want to also change your game languaje and or improve the translation (spanish sucks! imo) go to

there is another way but i havent got into it because i dont like that much messing with SpintiresMod, it has a translation code for some mods, most russian mod makers have been playing with it lately but i dont know how it works

Umh I don't think I've understand.
Example, I've downloaded the Kraz 260 armata vehicles from mudrunnermods site.
Inside the archive there're various folder and an .xml file called strings.xml but other vehicles have another name.
If I look inside the xml there were this code:

    <String Id="Kraz_260" Value="Kraz-260" />
	<String Id="26_zap" Value="260zap" />
	<String Id="dual_tire2" Value="dualtire" />
	<String Id="repair2" Value="repairs" />
	<String Id="zachita2" Value="zachita-260" />
	<String Id="zapaska2" Value="zapaska-260" />

I've tried to edit that but nothing changed, and I've understood from your reply that isn't the correct file (maybe?).
But I don't understand the ModStrings part.

BTW I'm from Italy, so no special characters

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Hello, where I can translate this name into my native language?
I've tried to edit the xml but nothing changed, maybe I've edited the wrong one?


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Hello, since I want to play a map with all vehicles changed how can I change the default vehicles into the modded one?

For example, in the first map I've changed first 3 vehicles with 3 that I've downloaded, but i can't change the other, is this possible?

See the image below: