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You know this is something I would really love to see implemented.

I can’t believe it would be that difficult, as all it is is the cosmetic options available in MP be transferred to the Singleplayer game - so AI Squadmates can be customised with the same suite of options.

It would really add so much to the Singleplayer.

I really want to harass these boards for it....

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But honestly I’m patient and I really take my time when moving my squad up. Will only move when it’s safe and there’s a lull in the horde attempting to rape you... and I’m experiencing success.
There’s very few points in the game that force you into a situation/area that you can’t back out of. From what I’ve experienced so far...

Also reaction times have to be figured into consideration. Reaction times can be an issue anyway - but with the assault cannon, it adds precious seconds for the gun to start turning and warm up. So if AI have this equipped, it only really effective if he is placed at the end of a long corridor or choke point. If he’s only got say 10-20ft distance between him and a Genestealer coming around the corner - he will get overwhelmed.
The bolter is far better in terms of AI reaction times.

Admittedly when things get hot, the command system is clunky. It could’ve improved asi said above.

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It would be good if time froze or slowed down whilst you accessed the command wheel...

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I think the Apocrophy healing is yours to command. It’s a tactical choice.

I don’t mind it set up that way. But understand people’s frustration if they want it automatic. But then would he not just use up all the heals... so you’ve got nothing left. ?

I also rarely set them to FOLLOW. I move them separately moving them to strategical positions to cover the angles, moving up one by one. One moves the other two cover....

Too be honest it’s the only way to play. The games to tough not to.

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Man I used to love that game...

Youtube Video

How your Terminators would yell at one another. “Matthias GET OUT OF MY WAY!”... Never got old. They commented on a lot actually.
The atmosphere was amazing.
But perfectly blended the tactics of Space Hulk but had you in the driving seat.

Deathwing does make me nostalgic.

Keep tweaking the game - there’s so much potential for a great tactical Singleplayer shooter...

I’m really enjoying the game so far. But with a few more AI tweaks it could be great!

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I’m old school. I used to play SPACE HULK: Vengeance of the Blood Angels.

What was excellent about that game, is you really had a full range of tactical options and commands.

One of the commands was “watch this direction”. It was very useful in directing the AI Squadmate to cover a particular direction.

Such a simple command. But it countered a issue the AI have in this game. The Ai constantly turn around, stare at a wall and at times have their back to an incoming threat.

In a game like this having your AI be able to react to in coming threats is crucially important.

So having an order like this would be so helpful. Space Hulk: VoTBA had a similar problem - but having this order all but aliminated the problem.

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I would propose a greater commitment to the Singleplayer - which is somewhat lacking in any depth.

  1. Greater Customisation of AI Squad, equal to that of MP. So able to choose the cosmetics, Armours etc. More options for customising their loadout.
    You would feel more attachment to them if you have more control over the way they looks and what weapons they use.

  2. Deployable Sentry Turrets would be fantastic in a game like this. So you could strategically place them

  3. Adding the command to tell your Ai squad-mate to watch or cover a particular direction. As them facing the wrong direction when a swarm of Genestealers is coming in is a persistent problem. As reaction times are crucial.

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How do you edit your own posts? Sorrynew here.

I mean - ‘deployable’ Sentry Turrets. Would be a great item to have, that you could place and pick up again. Except their ammo be limited.

And like I say, being able to customise the look of your Ai Squad just makes the experience a little more involved and personal for the player.

There’s great potential here.

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I’ve just bought the game on PS4.

Have to say I’m really enjoying it.

Have been waiting for a Space Hulk game ever since I used to play Space Hulk: Vengeance of the Blood Angels back in the day.

But it’s dawning on me that the Single-player game is somewhat lacklustre.

AS far as I’m aware all the upgrades and cool character skins are for MP only?


  1. You should be able to Customise the look of you AI squad mates. Being able to select some of those cool armour skins for the AI is a must!

  2. There should be deplorable Sentry Guns in this game. Would be really useful on the harder difficulty settings.

  3. Are the mines unlockable for Singleplayer?

  4. There should be a command for the Ai to cover a specific direction. WATCH THIS DIRECTION.

Good game otherwise — but has the potential to be a great Singleplayer game, if there were more options to invest in - as I’ve mentioned above!