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@Pavel thanks for listening and a happy new year.

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Hey Pavel,

I got Bought it on Friday, I've been enjoying the first person view, I was one of those mad players.

I'd like to talk about gameplay meta with you, People buy games because they want to be sold on the illusion of being there.

I love the engine, and also the vehicle models however gameplay is not immersive, what I mean is in real life no one drives around a forest discovering vehicles that they can then use, and topping up with free gas.. the gameplay at the moment doesn't feel in depth like other parts of the game.

A logging game without cutting down trees only adds to this feeling.

My suggestion to make the game more immersive by making it so you buy vehicles from starting area instead of discovering them around the map, I also think it would add alot to the game if other industries like mining. I imagine there could be other things needed out in a frontier outpost but this would be a start.

To give the game a sense of progression you could make it so logging is what you start the game doing to make enough money to get equipment to start in mining where you can start to buy the more bigger expensive equipment this would add a lot of replayability because its not simply go find a vehicle, pickup logs and repeat. the economics would a lot more depth i.e paying for fuel and supplies.

I would also like to see a first person character 🙂

Thanks for reading