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Please add for every team the possibility to choose an alternate shirt color. (Never allow primary and alternate color to match at team setup.)
I find it horrible when two purple team (so flashy) fight against one another ... and it's even worse if they are the same race.
Even in last world cup ... the final was Yellow against yellow ! sooo more difficult to spot players and enjoy the viewing.
Please, when colors are the same, make the hosting team play with his primary color and the opponent with his alternate color.

This is not much coding, just storing a second shirt color setup for each team.
Thank you

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They don't make the rules, they have signed a contract with Games Workshop to be allowed to make a game based on the original board game.
This contract forbids them to change the rules, so blaming the developpers makes no sense, go complain here

BloodBowl 3 will be based on updated rules, maybe better ? read the latest board game rules.

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Maybe they don't see the benefit for them.

But adding a way to challenge players from DISCORD, instead of currently only with steam friends, would be very popular; and since discord also want to be more popular they could agree to splash this update news related to the growing interest in their gaming platform, and thus make some free publicity for both themselves and the game.

But direct challenging from inside the game leagues is indeed a needed no brainer. Why search what you allready know ? or maybe they are mining a few bitcoins every time a game is launched ? LOL

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For training purpose. Please add the possibility when browsing teams inside a league competition to clic on a Team and choose "simulation with AI sparing partner" then start a Friendly match with the selected team tooster and the AI controllling it.

Thank you

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First, thank you for this great game, it is beautifull I like it a lot.

If you wonder what DLC, I have 2 "non game breaking" ideas in mind for you.

  • Character level evolution visuals DLC : This is cool because players who have it can still play with players who haven't ... but would be tempted.

  • pom pom DLC : again players who have it could still play with players who don't.

Aside from that the game is nearly perfect except 3 little annoyances

Thank you

Ps: of course others may a have different ideas, my point was more about "non breaking DLC" that make it possible for legendary version owners to continue to play without these optionnal DLC.

Edit: Additionnal idea : add DISCORD int├ęgration for direct matchmaking or Friendly match. DISCORD is really trendy among gamers, I'm sure you could get more infos from DISCORD creators.
And ... a Khrone Demon's team ? would be game breaking because required for multiplayer ... but everybody would want them anyway ^^

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Solo ligue championship add a WINNING animation with players holding a cup.
Make the cup bigger is the championship is bigger.
Add a screen to view the cups won by the team.

Currently close to nothing happens when winning ... just a boring lazy message.

The first time I even asked myself ... "is it finished ?"