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If you remember playing the original source Insurgency. Chances are, the M16A2 may come back in Sandstorm.

As part of the NDA, we're not allow to leak any more gameplay screenshots from Sandstorm until the official launch day on PC on September 2018.

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@helo Soon... Beta won't be available until the end of summer.

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@jsparks819 It not available for Console as of right now. There still a chance it will be coming to PS4 and Xbox One sometimes during Q1 2019.

It possible that there might be an alpha/beta build you could playtest before the game officially launched on console.

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Yea, I'm curious if there going to be neat features that can be played offline instead of just playing against bots. For instance, playing old school Deathmatch on split-screen (not meant to be the intended way to play the game imo, something that could benefit console players), LAN support, and plus a bunch of other neat stuff like the MP setting UI like we usually get for most MP games like Smash bros. or Timesplitters.

Sufficient to say, I never seen a playlist ever been implemented on the home console. That something I want to know at a latter point. Hopefully, the dev at NWI would take some feedback based on a powerpoint I put together where I request a bunch of neat features I want to see for Consoles.

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You got until September 28th to pre-purchase the game. I think.

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Eh, well. There no chance that I'll ever see a server that has up to 48 players. Sadly.

I get there an ethical dilemma that one person might assumed that bigger maps should have more player. If you happen to play Source Insurgency or Day of infamy. The problem with most maps I played is that they are very small and are crowded for that playerbase.

For instance, I remember I used to play Firefight server where it used to have up to 32 players support until they made a slight change to the max player count down to 24 players a few years ago. The kicker here is that if the playerbase did exceeded up to 24 played on a map; say on Crete/Ministry/Revolt/Breevile, this is where kills make it less decisive when it comes to playing the objective because there too many players crammed into one place.

I think having a 32 player be only played on larger maps would be a better fit for Sandstorm. Just because the maps are bigger doesn't mean we need to cram in more players into every possible area.

With that said, I think there might be a way to change the player capacity. Assuming there a way to mod the game. For instance, I was playing Rising Storm 2 the other day. I saw a game server that was up to 128 players instead of the 64 playerbase by default for bigger battles. Or, or. Maybe there might be new maps that might happen to have the equivalent size of something like Cui cuie. Maybe Dog_red would be a best fit?

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Up to 32 player can be played on one single server.

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I can't say exactly when were getting the Beta access. It will be coming soon, either near the end of Summer or before the game officially launched on September 28*.

Stay tune for announcements!

Side note *: This is just my best guest since I think I did saw the exact release date before it was change it to just 'September 2018'. Don't ask me why they change it.

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It all I got, really. Please, help yourself.

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The only discords I know at this time is NWI community and FHI community. Here the info from below:

NWI Community -

FHI Community -

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