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@Jellyfoosh said in World War Z - Undead Sea Update Patch Notes:

PC Difficulty

  • Zombies are harder to stagger on Very Hard and Insane difficulty (PC only).
  • Zombies take 25% less damage from body shots on Insane difficulty (PC only).
  • Reduced player revive timer from 40 to 20 on Insane difficulty (PC only).

Was excited for private lobbies so my spouse and I can finally play in peace. Just wondering however why PC players got the above punishment(s) particularly revive timer. We both have capped pve levels, weapons and have supply points in the 6 digits. After spending so many hours today trying to complete the new Tokyo map on insane (after we completed it with each lower difficulty to acclimate ourselves with the new map) with us just both in private AND in 4 team public, we've decided it's time to move on from WWZ (but hey it's been a blast!). The swarms and specials just never stop and lurkers are still very buggy that we gave up trying to achieve completion on insane.

Great game overall, but the above revival punishment to PC players made the game a lot more frustrating than fun to play especially when you are swarmed with hordes of zombies, 2 bulls, a lurker, 2 hazmat, a screamer and spitter blinding you over and over. We all just go splat because not enough time to clear before reviving, RIP.

GG, at least we got our money's worth.

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From WWZ twitter post, what time will the first major free DLC be available Monday, June 3rd? Radio silence on WWZ social media is making me nervous that it's getting pushed back even further without notice... If any devs/mods can give us heads up on maintenance time would be greatly appreciated.

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@JTQ said in Full team killing at beginning AND end of maps:

I met one of those creeps today. He enter the game killed whole team and leave. Nicknamed R├Ąttshaverist
The video shows only that three players have already been killed and the fourth one was disconnected.
Going to record every game now.

I hope the devs can see how damaging the friendly fire is on what is suppose to be a fun and friendly cooperative game mode. Have wasted hours in this game with my spouse where we actually just rage quit due to griefers ruining our map missions. They either come in at the very beginning, mid game or towards the end and team kill for "lulz". The annoying part is these scrubs will follow us when we remake new maps and do it all over again!

I can't wait till June 3rd - private lobbies will be welcomed with open arms!

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My spouse and I started a new game and happen to get 2 randoms who immediately joined in the lobby. We should of known one of the randoms who happens to be capped lvl in both pve and pvp would pull a fast one on us and kill the three of us with their heavy weapon soon as the map loaded up. I'm not saying all randoms are like these griefers, but for those who have no one to play with and love playing with other people will have a hell of a hard time finding actual players who will play this game properly on campaign online mode once private lobbies are implemented. A reverse friendly fire or just removing the whole damn thing all together for campaign online should seriously be considered along with a blocklist function.

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My spouse and I have recently been experiencing on PC, disconnects when a new random player joins our games. As soon as the AI bot gets booted and replaced by a real player, either my spouse and I both get disconnected or one of us gets disconnected. EXTREMELY ANNOYING and we've had to resort to kick voting immediately before said player replaces the AI bots.

Starting to dislike the game more and more because of these issues... resulting in not wanting to log in at all.

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@Deadlock_ said in Invisible Screamer and Zombie:

I had like one game with invisible claymore mines in last chapter of Jerusalem. The very beginning of the level where you need to collect stuff to open the gate.

Some of them are so hard to see due to the environment lighting in that scenario in Jerusalem map. In Tokyo map I've noticed sometimes the claymores are inside other objects making it impossible to disarm or shoot. Very annoying.

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This has happened to me as a slasher multiple times even when my pinned perk doesn't trigger (before 5 seconds). Also happens randomly when I play my other classes where the lurker jumps on me for half a second, jumps off then jumps back on me. This jump on and off lurker issue has also happened to my spouse when she plays her medic. We are unsure what all this random being downed, back up then down again is but when my spouse stim pistols me with her stim masking gas perk, the stim sometimes doesn't always apply the temporary boost, especially when I'm low health. It just applies the masking gas which still doesn't help as I'll get pinned down again and again or get 1 hit death slapped. If I manage to get back up I somehow get downed again when nothing is around me, invisible zombies is all I can think of.

These aren't the only perks that seems broken or doesn't work properly, other classes that I have all capped have perks that either don't work or don't proc at all.

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The invisible zombies could be the reason why some mission maps fail and says zombies have breached even though there was no visible zombies in sight. Have experienced this many times with my team and I scratching our heads after we clear areas but yet game says we fail due to zombies breaching said areas.

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The only thing they can do is add a profanity filter but it won't stop players who I've seen have extremely offensive names, blame Epic for that. What this game truly needs is a block list function so you never have to see such toxic players again especially since we're currently forced to play with randoms due to lack of private lobbies atm.

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Tried to play online co-op campaign and just constant disconnects especially at end of maps... DOUBLE SIGH
So unplayable today after whatever "fixes" happened.