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I will not buy this game if it's two straight exclusive options and two bi options. Paying full price for half the romance content as everyone else is not acceptable. I know that much is for sure!

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It would be nice if we were getting some news. I haven't seen a game this far into development have this little coverage before. I hope things are still going well in the development department.

Also, I'm really wanting to know more about the companions. We know next to nothing yet. Just a picture and small summary of some of them would be really sweet! Also yes, gay romance options are super important to many people.

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It would be lovely to learn more about the companions.

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yeah the enemies respawning is a huge issue mainly because the enemies level with you so you never get to just run past them and ignore them like you can in a lot of other games. They will most likely kill you if you ignore them. So when you have to return to the same area 5 times for quests (and that's a modest number in act 3 where you have to return to highly guarded areas quite often) then you will have to fight the same 5 or 6 groups of enemies over and over again. It's not hard necessarily but it is a huge waste of time-especially when you stop getting any benefits from leveling after a certain point.

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@skylar-o-shea said in On the romance options:

Still very sad they won't be all bi. I think Spiders could do the all bi thing well.

This just means that I will inevitably fall in love with a gay man and get my hopes crushed because I always play female when I have the choice

Playing a guy when it's an option just feels weird to me. Set characters are different, because I don't roleplay as much.

But yeah, I at least want to know how many options, since I'll be stuck with probably a boring straight guy, a stereotypical lesbian, and possibly a bi option.



I'll buy it either way, BUT STILL TRY

it is extremely disappointing to see the options being divisive once more. I really hope no one gets far less plot important characters as their only options like usually happens in these situations.

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I really hope everyone has the same amount of options regardless of gender and sexual orientation (minus bisexual players as they will generally always win out mathematically for obvious reasons).

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To be fair the thread is about male companions and I don't see where there's any advantage to limiting conversations to only about how they look. That would not really even require conversation-almost no one is hoping to have the worlds ugliest male companion, most everyone wants options that they find attractive. I feel like that is pretty much a waste of time.

So I focused my post on what I want in a romance. If it's bisexual men I want them to show interest in the pc primarily-and if they have to show interest in other people I want it to be equal with other males not just females.

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Andrew was a breath of fresh air compared to Dorian or Gil. I love romances that are actually about the 2 guys-not about the world judging them for who they are. I also like that he didn't flirt with the girls like most of the bisexual characters in BioWare games. He was nice to them and acted like a friend. Much more realistic and enjoyable to me!