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Yup i guess we all stuck with gust 2 abilities and 2 upgrades on whole fcking fleet.

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Guess Necrons gona be Eldars of BFA 2.

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Personaly i main necrons and i want to say they can be counted as High in the list with double starpulse IF you know what you doing. My 8 to 1 winrate as starpulse necrons speaks for this. Problem is what its only thing they can do and good player know how to counter.

Also dunno why tau rated so lau, their amount of dmg is still complete bs if you ask me.

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U sure they were not shot down at the first moment of launch? If you try to launch while in kissing range with enemy ships it may happen.

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@canned_f3tus And i remaind you what pvp died cz only things what were played was tau and orc, and i remind you customization is gone but oh boy oh boy, tau still op, orks till have 2 time your ship count. So yeah problem with pvp is not in customization department.

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@demoulius There was tau which never got nerfed so bacialy all fleet builds were made by strat "can i possibly win against tau with this?". So yeah you could build many things but in the end if you want to win you had first of all think about how you will stand against 12k radius blue skin demolition team.

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I have some posts about broken tyranids assault mechanics but developments team as i see ignores me and tyranid players sudenly found out what they are most broken faction in the game at the moment and dont want to get their new op toy removed.

So instead of just sharing my online experience vs nid players and posting screnshoots with my hulking ships i ran a test of this abbility-Tyranid boarding fleet named "Swimming brood squadron".

Totaly 3 games dedicated just to measure power of this skill. I was plaing as Tyranid fleet vs Space Marine AI fleet in skrimish. All my ships were using reload order and all of them was HOLLDING FIRE.
My fleet:

click to show

I was a little bit lazy to check whole fleet of enemy and i dont think i could do it right cz AI just loves silent order. So just list of ships i targeted
Ships i used for targets

click to show

Before i start i want to set clear some things:

  1. I dont have clear data on how hangar count effects dmg dealt by boarding fleet, and i will be thankfull if someone give it to me( not "i think it works that way", straight numbers and formula from dev team or game itself or piss off), but i suspect what more hangars=more dmg on boarding fleet but i may be wrong. Not sure about boarding dmg tho.
    2)I made some screenshots but you can try to repeat this test by yourself just hold in mind what boarding fleet is easy to shoot and spawn in some random position near your ship. Yes spawned fleet dose not appear on the ship, it appears in some random point in 4000 radius near ship.
    3)Troop count stat dose not show WHOLE crew, it shows crew count PER BAR. So troop count 20 means ship have 20 troops ber green bar, 20 by yelow bar and 20 by red bar. 60 troops total. IF you see for example ship with 10 troop count by standard but only 6 troops with green bar, it means by standart it have 30 troops, but right now it have 26 troops-6 on green bar and 20 more on red and yelow.
    4)Troop dmg by classical boarding counts like this : TOTAL Troop count minus Boarding dmg. So if ship with green bar and 6 troop count suffers boarding attack of 10 dmg it will have left only 8 troops total and yelow bar with 2 troops left. (6*3=18 18-10=8).
    5)I tried to use skills on full ships. So you should read my list like this:
    Attacker to Defended, DMG Dealt, troop count left after attack(you should assume what ship was on full troop value if i did not state otherwise).
  2. Data i post here is things i saw myself and there was 0 chance what something also happened except me boarding my target. Basicaly i did more launches than this, this is just launches im 100% sure of.

So first of all standart boarding due to skill with crossed swords.
***standart boarding***

click to show

So normal boarding works fine and dandy. Now lets try swimming brood:

Lets try on Nova EC for basic.
BT to Nova, 18 dmg, hulked
BI to Nova, 18 dmg, hulked
CIR to Nova,18 dmg, hulked
Well works like standart boarding except CIR also hulking Novas even while it have only 12 standart troop dmg. Mb hangars add dmg?

CIR to LC MK I,19 dmg, yellow bar with 7 troops
Ok a classical BS boarding strike power, nothing that strange or op, lets try again on another LC.
CIR to LC MK I,25 dmg, yellow bar with 1 troop
Oooooooooook. Still i call this balanced but why dmg sudenly changed to 25? Crit?
BI to LC mk I,39 dmg, hulked
BOOM SHAKALACKA. Ok i get it, this is full hangar ship so it deal a lot of dmg. But insta hulke LC with one boarding action? Not sure about this one.

CIR to C MK I,21 dmg, yellow bar with 11 troops
I would get it if dmg dealt was lower than that one done on LC(bigger ship, more troop value). Or bigger(lucky crit). But why in between? Something fishy is going on.
BT to C MK I,37 dmg, red bar with 2 troops
Ok wth? 1 more hangar added 16 more dmg? Or boarding dmg also counts?Or i got lucky crit? Also 37 dmg is not ok, like totaly.
Lets try this on that C MK I i left with yellow bar and 11 troops.
BT to C MK I with 27 troops left, 27 dmg, hulked
Alright expectable after that 37 dmg bullsh** but still situation does not look cosher. Oh look enemy finaly picked Barage. Lets move to barrage

CIS to BS MK I, 19 dmg, green bar with 6 troops.
Also expectable. Well it is only barage i got so far, so i think will also test BI on it.
BI to BS MK I with 56 troops left, 56 dmg, HULKED.

0_1544444340830_BS got FUCKED 1.jpg
1_1544444340831_BS got FUCKED 2.jpg

Total result: i still i think its bugged or at least counting dmg by some weird non logical formula wich should be reconsidered. Now i have no idea why nid mains are cry so loud about tehir ships guess they all ignoring this op boarding bullsh** or try to launch em from max distance(and they got shot down).
Basicaly i won 3 normal matches against AI just using boarding skills of nid faction with hold your fire on every my ship.

I hope dev team will reconsider speed and power of anti troop tyranid weaponary cz right now its just stupid.

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@bersercker they have limited HP so they can be easily shot down without you even noticing. Try to launch em from point blank with "hold your fire" on.

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@ashardalon said in the tyranid assault boat problem:

tyranid 30 troop damage assault boats are fair and balanced and work as intended. All we need is bigger icons.

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and that why you could not believe it-since you dont use nid ships with assault craft, mystery solved. And yeah it was hard to recreate cz nid boarding ships are usualy shot down, but since i teleport bomb with necrons i could not shoot em fast enough in close combat and always getting rekt in 5 seconds vs nids.

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