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Hello, and welcome to the Insurgency: Sandstorm Pre-Order Beta 2.
We're really happy that you're joining us here, and would like to let you know of some issues that we're currently aware of, in this build of the game.

Known Issues


  • Tutorial level (Combat Training) has been disabled for now
  • Often when the drive or passengers are killed in a vehicle they are not ejected when another player enters the seat.
  • When a character is killed in a vehicle there death animation is not currently present
  • Character Customization: For any players that were present in any Alpha or previous Beta please delete your profile.sav in the below location: C:\Users\UserName\AppData\Local\Insurgency\Saved\SaveGames\Profile
  • Otherwise you may experience character body parts disappearing or showing two cosmetic options at once.
  • Having Foliage setting set to Low may cause some graphical issues
  • Bipod animations can cause players to slide under certain conditions
  • If you are unable to select a class, click on and off the class tab to fix this issue
  • Interface: Profile system is not fully in and therefore might show incorrect stats.
  • Interface: Steam party system is Work In Progress.
  • Interface: Recap system is Work In Progress.
  • More lessons to come and the current Lessons are work in progress
  • HLOD distance is now affected by the users “Effects Quality” setting in the video menu. Lower settings should provide increased performance at the cost of some minor visual fidelity.
  • Performance: Magnified scopes will lower framerate when the player looks through them. Please set your scope to Low in the settings menu if you have a lower spec machine
  • Anticheat: Your anti-virus may sometimes cause our anti-cheat software to crash, which will make the game unable to launch. You can refer to the dedicated support page:
  • Fire Support: Occasionally when encountering buildings or the environment, IED Drones will get stuck.
  • Sound: Gun fire sound may cut out in specific conditions.
  • Sound: Guns mounted on vehicles gunshot sound effects may remain in the vehicle's spawn area.
  • Visual: Particle effects will go through buildings.
  • Visual: Going through a Smoke Grenade will cause the screen to flicker.
  • Visual: Car engine smoke/fire may not appear in online play on occasion.
  • VOIP: Local VOIP cannot be heard by nearby clients.
  • VOIP: Team Radio VOIP is likely to cut-off mid-sentence.
  • VOIP : Clients won’t see who is speaking in VoIP on the UI

Other issues

  • Interface: When loading into a coop match, players may see a versus loading screen.
  • Interface: First person view camera may not properly initialize if a player respawns while in the loadout selection room. If this happens, press escape to re-center the camera.
  • Some doors do not get destroyed correctly when kicked (visually only)
  • Animation: Some interactions may have missing or incomplete animations.
  • Attachment: Currently equipped Grenade Launchers will be displayed and usable when picking another weapon.
  • Fire Support: The UI will prompt players to pick up grenades dropped by Bomber Drones, though this is not possible.
  • Gameplay: On thin surfaces / walls, character models can poke through and get shot.
  • Gameplay : Opening up the communications menu while firing may have the weapon keep automatically firing
  • Interaction: Doors may be invulnerable against rockets under certain conditions.
  • Interaction: Can't throw grenades after opening a door.
  • VOIP: Default volume is very low compared to other audio sources.

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