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Thank you haveing alot of fun was going to try game with out the urgency but unable to find disable but i am loveing it still thx devs.

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Thank you cant wait to play

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Has anyone heard if the game comes out tonight at 9 pm pacific time or tomarrow. Trying to get an idea of time soo i can be ready.

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What this beta is a early build of the game maybe a few months ago build so it is unbalanced and code errors think floor model demo vs ready to pick up model

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Correction on comparing to star wars
I was refering to the buffs from the planets not resources

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Yea been finding that out ai sends the same as me like 5 v 5 also i understand that stats plays a part in it and it still in beta but other then that thank you and cant wait for full release. Also defences i will test that out tomarrow and part of the sound issue is boarders still fighting on my ship

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Will be doing some more play throughs on necrons on story you have a vaild reasion necrons are weak and from reading your other posts you know what you are talking about. I was directing my statment in such a way to give the game a chance and too wait for full release and too see what happends. I have seen games go well in beta then fall apart in final release End of nations was going to work then company went to hell never got a refund wish i had that 100 bucks back. then there was Sim City 2014 well we know what happen. There are beta testers that find problems and look for salutions to the issue or gives feed back to improve the game that is what you are trying to do that i am glad. The players that attack the game and give no salutions to fix it and or ideas to improve the game are the problem. There is a long post about lore and other ships ideas that was cool to see been trying to find my book of the board game with the info to re read.

I thank you for reading and responding to my opinion

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Hello my fellow players

I been reading several posts dealing with the issues with the game which is good to find bugs and such.
Then i read a from a few people ether craping on the game or talking about refund.......the 2nd beta is only 2 days old and the word beta i guess is not properly understood even when you start the game it stats (to sum it up) It is a unfinshed state of the game.
So things are missing we all have dealt with betas but realy attacking a very good game like this and a company is not needed. The game is well setup for the full release with all of the funtions that are intended for it yes patches will be there like other games so please stop with the whole refund and insults to the game and wait for the full release next week and if the issues are there then you can prperly report them because insults dont help.

I feel that i did not need to say this but some people dont understand what a beta build is.

Thank you for reading all

Thank you dev's for bringing back memories of my old time favorite game Star Wars Empire At War.

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Have not that issue what number keys are you useing the long 1 9 or key pad if key pad check if number lock is on

Also are use useing example.

Ctrl 1 not ctrl + 1

I have made that mistake before

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Some worlds add buffs and story to the game think star wars empire at war
Armour buffs galactic heal rate and such and beta build may have them disabled at this time

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