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@chrisk89: I think what you have missed, is that some updates will apply to ships with minimum EXPERIENCE level 1 and others only to min. level 2 or 3. So the upgrades on the button of the window will only apply to ships which are minimum experience level 3. I think that is what you have overlooked and I also have at first not noticed that.

I only found a picture from the necrons online, but check out what the left side of the window says...
alt text

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@skalgrim-fellaxe Why at all are the prices I originally paid for a ship stored in the save games? What is the point of that? Just save what ship it is and then take all the values from the up-to-date data base! Problem solved. Why to handle it that way? Ship point costs don't change over time, even if ships level up or get updates, so just reference to the data base and take everything from there. Again, to me it is not acceptable, that I have to fix what the dev's have broken. That's there job and I paid them for it. Even one year before the game was released, because I preordered... And btw I play strategy games since Dune 2 and Command and Conquer 1, but I can't remember seeing such a mess in save games ever before! In Rome II: Total War I can even change the mods I use in the middle of a campaign and it normally works without problems. And here my save games are bugged after each patch? Sorry, but this is ridiculous. And they can not expect there average costumers to solve that. There isn't even an official statement about this or instruction how to do that. So I'm expected to find that all out by myself?

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If you want a complete playthrough of the campaign without any changes

That is not my point. It's even the opposite. The example here is: They lowered the price of Macragge's Honour, but this won't effect you, if you already have it in your save games. I want my existing campaign to take the balancing changes from new patches and don't be bugged afterwards.

If save games are broken after a huge major patch, that changed a ton of things and/or implemented new features/mechanics... well, that is normal. But not after every single point cost change!

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@skalgrim-fellaxe Thanks for the tip! And yes, I'm not completely foreign to programming basics and modding other games. But seriously, is this an acceptable solution? What about people lacking the skills to do so? Is this what dev's expect me to do, to be able to play the game I payed for? You have to do that, because you modded your game, but I play just the vanilla version! I never seen such a strange mess in save games in any other games. Where changes from patches somehow effect save games but at the same time also don't. In the thread I linked, it shows that: The prices of existing ships are still displayed as the old ones and effect the fleet deployment window. But then to do the actual deployment, the new prices are used... Like, what the hell of a mess is that? Why is the old price even stored in the saves?

Yes I would probably be able to do what you said. If I invest my time, to learn how modding here works, get the tools and then mod it. But instead I demand the dev's to just fix this mess they created, so I can play this game I payed for as intended. Without having to spend my time to fix what they have broken. I just expect, that save games of an unmodded game are patch proof and adopt changes from patches. Not that I have to fix them after every patch. To me, this is just completely unacceptable.

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@chamber01 said in BFGA2 - Please restore Macragge's Honour to its former glory:

Also, from user comments on the Steam forums, this 3rd patch only lowers the Maccragge 's Honour for a new game - if the Ultramarine ship is already in your save-game file then the recent patch does not fix that issue, unfortunately.

This just drives me totally crazy! Every time they change ship prices, it does not effect existing old save games and so messes up my campaign. Like the campaign fleet deployment bug I reported, that is obviously caused by changed ship costs. Fix this Dev's god dammit, I deny to play anymore campaign until my save games will not be bugged after a new patch 😠

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Check out this thread on the steam forums.
It seems a bunch of ship prices for big campaign ships like Macragge's Honour where updated.

Patch 2: Imp_Macragge_Honour,SPACE_MARINE,1159,
Patch 3: Imp_Macragge_Honour,SPACE_MARINE,753

Patch 2: Imp_Phalanx,SPACE_MARINE,1618,
Patch 3: Imp_Phalanx,SPACE_MARINE,1051,

Patch 2: Chaos_Vengefull_Spirit,CHAOS,1138
Patch 3: Chaos_Vengefull_Spirit,CHAOS,739

Patch 2: Ork_Battleship_SpaceHulk,ORK,810,
Patch 3: Ork_Battleship_SpaceHulk,ORK,607

Patch 2: Chaos_Battleship_BlackstoneActivated,CHAOS,1912
Patch 3: Chaos_Battleship_BlackstoneActivated,CHAOS,956,

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Is this what you are talking about? My point limit for the fleet deployment is 1125 at the moment. But as you can see, one old AdMech Tyrant is shown with 206, a new one with 221. And the old AdMech Lunar is still 195 instead of 215. So those should be the reason, why afterwards a ship is missing:

alt text

alt text

For Macragge's Honor: Like I said, I haven't seen it myself in campaign now. But I read a ton of comments by players, that 1100 points is totally overpriced. Especially since you almost can't send anything else... I think the leadership limit that the end of campaign is 1600, so that makes sense.

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@mystic_taboo said in Macragge's Honor Point Change?:

Nope, it's definately still six hundred points in my hard game (urgency on, mixture of domination and cruiser clash), just did the last mission (very easy and boring) against abaddon and my fleet is capped at 1600/1650 and had three battleships (Oberon, 2x Retribution) and McCragges Honour deployed.

Thanks for that information. That's makes the bug related to old save games and changed ship prices even stranger, if it did not occur for you and Macragge's Honor...

But let's hope the Dev's will hear the noise and lower that ship price again. It's a shame if I have to mod the game by myself, just to make it realistically usable...

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I'm not that far in the campaign now, since I paused mine because of all the bugs I'm waiting for to be fixed and the missing features to be implemented... But yes, I've read quite often from people bitterly complaining about that crazy price increase, that is not related to your difficulty level. The ship is almost unusable with that price and fleet limit. No idea what the Dev's thought when they where doing this, but I really hope it gets heavily reduced again. What's the point of giving the player access to such a ship as reward, if it's so expansive that you will/can not us it?

@mystic_taboo said in Macragge's Honor Point Change?:

I'm on hard but got it before the patch and it's still 600 ish despite the patch affecting everything else

Be careful. My old AdMech ships I already have build before the patch are also still labeled with a lower price, but when I try to deploy them to battle, they also use the new increased price! Result is, that there are less ships spawned into the battle than I expected. So I would guess your Macragge's Honor is also 1100 points for you to deploy, even if it's displayed with 600 points. That is totally weird and I hope it gets fixed soon. It's unacceptable that my save games get corrupted every time some prices are changed in a patch. Do the Dev's really expect me, to restart my campaign with every update? 😣

I made a thread about this bug here

And someone else also made a thread about it in the steam forums

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This bug exists since the beta of this patch was released 2 weeks ago and was reported like a dozen of times. So I'm really wondering, why this still is not fixed...

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I wanted to check if this bug is fixed now in the new beta-patch, so I loaded the same save game with the same battle again. But it seems the bug is still there. This time one AdMech Escort was missing. And as you can see, this ship was also the last ship I added to the list. So it seems the last ship on the list will not be spawned if because of wrong displayed prices and the point limit this problem occurs.

alt text

alt text