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Hi, I faced the issue. My solution was to change the resolution to anything and then switch back.
Perm fix was to change fullscreen off and keep my resolution at max, somehow it made it borderless! 🐖

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I personally do not think there are millions of gamers on MAC hence Developers do not usually support that platform.

Issue with releasing games on multiple platforms (PS, Xbox and PC) is keeping them refined: a simple update has to be done 3 times but
on one of those platforms it might no longer be simple, hence some games have platform specific bugs. Adding another platform means that
a lot of resources have to go into porting it over as well as maintaining it. And as MAC gaming community isn't really big it's not worth it.

You can though use Benchmark and run Vampyr through that. MAC's are more, in my and many others eyes, more of a work platform than
they are a gaming platform.

Hopefully you see where I am coming from, I honestly doubt there will be a MAC Release, but I could be wrong!

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@evelynne said in Minimum reqs-ran Witcher 3, will it be OK for Vampyr?:

GeForce GT 650M

Here are the minimum specs as per the Vampyr Steam page:
alt text

I believe you will be able to play Vampyr but possibly not with 60fps stable-- it won't hurt to try the game out. As long as you do not play more than two hours you can get a refund!

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Personally I believe that their main goal was to bring a realistic feel to London with a really good narrative of a fictional story. Adding gore, limbs flying around and such can really destroy that immersion.

I am fan of Witcher myself but being honest with you, I sometimes loose the 'feel' when I split the guy in half for the 100th time. In my opinion it's not worth the resources to create gore.

In addition, it can also create issues with being banned in other countries because they are too 'sensitive.' Obviously none of these are official statements by the Developers anywhere, it's just my 2 cents on the issue 😛

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@sblantipodi said in Is SLI supported?:

no one can answer here?

I've googled around and rewatched view videos to see if it was ever mentioned but haven't found an answer for you. 😕
I would assume it does due to nature of the game but you will have to wait for one of the CM's to confirm it.

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I believe Anthony Howell is the name youre looking for.
More information on him here.

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I've not read nor heard anywhere where that they got their inspiration from the tabletop RPG games you mentioned.

Though I wouldn't be surprised if they have-- obviously a lot of research has gone into the game to make it an authentic London feel (AKA one of their teams going around London!), a somewhat flowing timeline with our known history therefore I would assume they have done more than required amount of work in researching Vampire and Gothic themed games ranging from tabletop to virtual games.

TL;DR - They probably did research on those games but never (as far as I can recall) officially stated it 😛

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@netheos said in Xbox?:

I'll now close this topic as you have your answer. Have a nice day!

You pinned it and not locked it 😜

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