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When running a dedicated server, server glitches when changing scenario and everyone insta-dies.

The areas it has happened are:
Every coop map, when loading for the first time

It only happens on the server I run, and am admin on. If I am connected to the server when we change scenario, the server will kill everyone instantly and we'll lose the round. It usually does this for the first two rounds.

If I stay connected, then I'll spawn under the map. Die instantly, respawn under the map, die instantly, until all 5 rounds are over. Then it repeats on the new scenario again.

If I disconnect, other players will spawn just fine and the game resumes normally. I can reconnect safely at this point but the problem will happen again on the next scenario change.

This happened on the Windows dedicated server, so I installed a Linux one and migrated the configs over. This is still happening on the Linux server. So I re-generated config files from scratch; it is still happening on both Linux and Windows. Removing everyone from the admin list also doesn't resolve the issue. If I am connected, all hell breaks loose.

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