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I have yet to get my chaos fleet rolling, so I can't comment on the overall faction's balance, but I don't think you are drawing a fair comparison here.

Chaos lance batteries make double the shots than IN and admech lance batteries do, so the damage and crit disparity is not that severe. Also, aside from Apocalypse under lock on and a few singular stern lances on IN and admech ships, chaos ones have doble the range of imperial ones.

Not to mention admech lances have been buffed this patch and they do 50% more damage than IN ones. However this comes at a price and right now admech are arguably worse off with the new changes, scince the prices on all of their ships went up 10% and their best fleet is now 5 CR, which is nowhere near competative.

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See, as a necron player myself I actually really like their 9k range. I think it's really cool and adds a lot uniqueness to them. They don't need to be a brawling faction, we already have enough of those, so I don't think giving necrons AP is justified.
CR and BC price reduction I can definitely agree on. Players should at least have an option to bring in 1 necron BS + 2 BC. Right now there is virtually no other option for you to use other that 2 BS + 1 LC if you want to have an actually capable fleet.
IMO, what necrons need the most is the ability to reface after teleporting like MWJ. It's often incredibly hard to keep you guns on target after jumping, because the direction your ship is going to face depends on it's previous position. For a faction that universally lacks high energy turn this is simply unacceptable. I cant even count of how many times I've lost tons of potential damage on the enemy ship because my cairn was facing it whith it's rear after teleporting.
Although I'd say mass recall should be nerfed to just teleporting 1 ship instead of all of your fleet. Being able to jump essentially anywhere on the map through your stealthed admiral LC is just too strong.

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Right now it is not possible to properly test admech due to how often grav shot critical error occurs, but some things are very clear.
Buffs are very welcome. Both grav shot and other improvements are great additions which give the faction unique stengths and actually give players a reason to play admech over IN nova fleet, scince right now the latter is better in almost every way.
These improvements however are made obsolete by the 10% price increase. This faction already was somwhere on the level of "IN but worse in almost every way", having things buffed but also increasing prices defeats the whole purpose of the change. Right now if you want too be efficient with your novas on admech the best you can get is 5 cruisers and 2 escorts. In comparison for IN you'll get 2 Apocalypses + 3 dominators + 2 escorts for the same point cost. The price disparity is just too huge and its not like IN didn't recieve some buffs of their own.

TL;DR: Buffs are needed, price increase is not.

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@ashardalon said in Micro-Warp jump in Eldar factions:

it doesnt need to be nerfed
it needs to be completely removed
it breaks lore and is pure cancerous
no faction with eldar speed should have such a easy escape

100% agree. One of the eldar's main strengths is that it's hard to catch them due to speed. Given how much effort it takes to do that against a good eldar player, having MWJ on top of that is insane.
I think it's fine on other factions, scince their battleships all have medium to slow speed aside from desolator and it's not cost effective to have MWJ if you get a lighet ship as you admiral.

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Fairly easy to see for yourself. Launch a skirmish against an AI, send them to some random point on the map and just fast forward like a minute. Scythes will return eventually.
They will, of cource, get massacred by any line ship's turrets scince they are just one squadron, but that's also a given for every other faction, unless the amount of fighters sent is absolutely overwhelming.

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Unable to return to the ship, meaning they can only ever have three uses.

That's incorrect, they do that perfectly fine.

Scythes are great utility, scince you basically get them for free on every line ship where for other factions you have to make a choice to take carriers even if all you need squarons for is vision. Necrons don't need strong squadron presence, scince they get the best carrier and torp counter in the game, especially if you can time your starpulses right. It's one of the things that makes them a very unique faction.

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@imptastic Not sure what the point of your whole message is. I am very aware of the history of the first game and your statement about factions being balanced towards singleplayer holds no water. That game went through a bunch of iterations with most prominently eldar and orks being changed multiple times in attempts to improve the multiplayer experience. Same goes for the engine not allowing for balancing (how do you think that would even work, lol).
You are of cource entitled to your opinion on capture points (even though capture points victory happens like 10-15% of the time) and I am entitled to mine. Difference is that I've presented an actual argument on how this system is objectively benefitial to the game.

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@imptastic Why not? The core principle follows your logic it's just the specifics that are different. Is it because the idea is obviously horrible and if you engage in the discussion you'll have to admit that yours is horrible as well?

Oh, so make the multiplayer like the first BFG:A. That also had multiple gamemodes and no capture points system. That probably brought a large amount of people into it's multiplayer scene.
Let's check how the online is doing there.
Oh, right. It's absolutely dead. Probably because people just couldn't hande how much fun it was.

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@imptastic so you support my idea of sometimes putting one player into an unwinnable position from the start of the game by a roll of a die? It is much less boring than usual games and is sure is not balanced so it must be more fun, right?
If you want something changed in the game it might be useful to present a proper argument for in instead of goint on a weird tirade about perfect balance being unachiavable therefore nothing should ever be balanced.

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to me it makes it repetitive and boring

So from your point of view the logical decision is to make multiplayer experience objectively worse. To make the game less boring. Got it.
In this case why stop here? We can have like 5% chance of doubling the player's fleet in MP. Sure it is a horrible decision that makes the battle unwinnable for his opponent, but it sure will be less boring.

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