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@gimrah said in I've wanted an XCom-style Necromunda game for 20 years - is this it?:

Just for anyone else looking, the Variety article got linked twice. The RPGamer link is:

Woops, thanks! I am very good at things sometimes. 😕

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@gimrah Welcome!

I don't want to answer your question as a yes/ no, I would much prefer for you to follow along as we release more information and you can decide whether or not you are interested in the game on its own merits.

However, we recently played the game for some members of the press at E3 so I will direct you to a couple articles that might help shed some light on where we are at.

Small note: the game is still in pre-alpha, we are very much still developing many of the components in the game. As such, things may change further down the road.




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@Icepaw The game is in pre-alpha, so in-game video content will come when we are further along in development.

@Fricken Yes, we had a little station inside the Focus booth at E3. We were showing the game in presentations to some games press folks. As of this writing, there are two articles up as a result of those presentations: one on RPGamer and one on Variety.

Today a few new screenshots were released:

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At the moment we are not ready to talk about any beta (the game is still in pre-alpha).

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@glarghface I'll try and give you a few answers here:

The weapons list is not exactly the same as in the tabletop game. In fact, there are a few that we made here at Rogue Factor just for the video game.

In terms of dedicated equipment, they are separated by career rather than by gang. There are some weapons that any fighter can equip, and there are some that, say for example, only a Heavy could use.

The differences you see between Escher and Goliath weapons (in screenshots and the teaser) are aesthetic.

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To address a part of what you're saying @DeTortor, there is also the option for exhibition matches in multiplayer. That mode does not include the looting and permanent injuries / death, so you can have the multiplayer experience free from worry!

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@remiv Alas, this is all I can give you right now.

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@remiv Not a full list, but in the Mordheim Steam forums I answered someone else's question about what weapons are in the teaser trailer / screenshots. Here's what I wrote:

"So, from left to right of the Escher screenshot we have:

  • Brawler, dual wielding swords
  • Deadeye with an Autogun
  • Deadeye with a Plasma Pistol and Autopistol
  • Heavy with a Heavy Stub Gun
  • Saboteur with a Flamer

The Deadeye in the middle - with the fancy hair - is the Leader.

You will notice that the screens showing Goliath fighters include some of the same weapons, but they have been custom made to fit with the aesthetics of each gang. The Goliath's Flamer does not look like the Escher's Flamer, for example."

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@corax These are systems that are being actively worked on, so I can't answer because these details aren't concrete yet.

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