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I'm a big fan of Star Wars and especially the prequels because I "kind of?" grew up with them, they were the first Star Wars movies I watched none the less. The immersive feeling of Star Wars and it's intense and violent setting, yet child friendly led me to liking shooter games which has now led me to Insurgency thanks to some friends of mine that introduced me to the first Insurgency which felt like home to me because I was so familiarised with the Source physics engine.

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As you can probably read by the title I stumbled across something I felt to be a bit unsual.

As I was setting up some classes for Competetive I noticed there were two exact same grips for the AKS-47U with one of them costing more than the other similar to the Bipod grip for Security. I'm quite sure that the intention wasn't to let the AKS have a Bipod grip (or just a second grip at all) since it is a Carbine and not an Assault Rifle/Battle Rifle.

If this is unintended then hopefully devs see this and fix this.