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@solusvod said in I didn't play Ambush much in Ins2, but...:

Again, it's pretty clear NWI chose Firefight. Maybe they thought it was more fun and easier for people to understand than Ambush? Maybe they didn't want people raging in Ambush because it's more unforgiving for new players? Maybe they just didn't think people would like to play it? I don't know why, but they picked Firefight. They're welcome to do that, but you can't pretend like it was some divine intervention or player-pick that made Firefight the competitive game mode without some kind of information to back that up.

I mean as I said, if the comp scene back in 2014/15 had said fuck that we are gonna do ambush and played ambush a shit tonne and just done that then ambush would probably be in sandstorm instead of firefight. If there was no competitive scene for firefight and it was all ambush I reckon there is a good chance ambush would have been in ss. Maybe 60-40. But I dont know what the situation was back in 2014/15 that caused the transition. So going back that far no it would be an NWI decision. However If I go @Link (I hope this is the right link :P) maybe he can elucidate on the situation back then as I know he was involved running shit back then.

Argyll wanted firefight in the Alpha and EA of Insurgency in 2013. I wasn't too keen on it at the beginning. Jihad (IGN) and myself pushed heavily for Ambush (called VIP Escort back then) to be brought to the game. We spent a lot of time posting about the game mode and how it works etc. We cited America's Army 2.0 as proof of concept. We got VIP/Ambush added into the game and I hit the ground running. I ran a lot of PUG events for Ambush. There were a lot of maps for Ambush that worked well back in Q4 2013 and Q1 2014.

Siege, Market, Ministry and Heights were good VIP/Ambush maps back then in 2014. They had different layouts than they do now. In Q2 2014, the maps were updated for VIP/Ambush and changed. The maps that many people liked were changed and VIP/Ambush was killed off essentially. I hate the current Siege Ambush layout, Siege used to be the de_dust 2 of Ambush maps and I still have the layout saved on mediafire along with many other ambush maps. I even recreated Dusk from Americas Army (one of the best VIP Escort maps).

It was in Q2/Q3 that I transitioned to firefight. It took me awhile, but I fell in love.

I think Ambush is great but because the rounds can end so quickly it is very frustrating for a lot of people in public servers - myself included. If you get a random player as the VIP and they run out first, the runs are usually super quick and frustrating. You could implement a feature where people who don't have X amount of hours in VIP cannot be the VIP unless there is no one with greater than X amount of hours. VIP is just not a casual game mode and that is why it fails. VIP needs a hardcore fan base - which will be the minority OR it needs to be almost the only game mode to thrive. You could have like... coop, push, and VIP. That would probably let VIP flourish... err Ambush. I interchange VIP and Ambush a lot still sorry 😛

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There is very little difference between comp and every other game mode.

Comp has a matchmaking system that utilizes some more parameters than the regular queue system we have.

The game is already tracking your stats, you can order it by Coop, Casual or Comp. No change there.

Same mechanics. It actually uses the same maps.

The player per team limit is set to 5 instead of 16. Round timer changed. Some classes are fiddled with.

There are very little changes that people want that would not universally help all modes. You have some very loud people but the majority of people are quiet and don't post. It's quite hard to tell who really is in the majority haha 😛

If you think about it, having comp actually helps sustained. It removes all the tryhard kids and funnels them into one area.

Every player, coop comp or casual, agrees the maps need a little tweaking. They all agree on optimization. They all agree on something needing to be done to the movement. They may differ in the degree of change they want but they all pretty much want something done in the same areas.

The reason no one plays comp right now is because it's a beta, ranks getting reset, there is very little reward for playing comp, and the queue system is bugged where half your games in comp don't start and you can spend 20 minutes waiting to get a game that actually starts. NWI is working on this and once some of these changes/fixes get implemented you will see it boom. Plus, Comp will be blasted all over the internet (by me 😎 ) which promotes the game and brings more casual players in. Everyone profits.

We are pretty much all on the same page. We may be at different spots on that page but we are on the same page pretty much 🙂

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You can drop down off the left of the bridge and get up there every time.

No one takes that route because they are so focused on the bridge.

Literally every time I have played that map I got to the objective that way. Just hold onto your smokes for when you get across and then you can smoke the INS side of the bridge and run up for free to A. I usually do it solo, can't image what would happen if I had another person with me.

You aren't wrong though, it is hard for newer players and less skilled players. If people were better at shooting they could just pick off the INS players. Also if the commander used smokes and a gunship that would help too. I've seen it taken in the first wave with good competitive SEC players.

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I really want to find a middle ground, thats why I dont want sway removed just dialed back to what source was, I'm even down for increasing vertical recoil when suppressed

I would hate to see a split because then it makes it harder for comp to thrive.

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It does matter in push because you need to run A LOT to get to objectives, especially with how big the maps are in sandstorm now. It's mainly the suppression that really gets you.

in source you can focus immediately

in sandstorm if you are tired you cannot focus until you regain stamina

also check out my video 😃

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@io543 Watch my video...

Actually it is quite bad even for close range... a big issue is how erratic the movement is in sandstorm compared to source. There was sway that did move your aim but it wasn't jittery, it was smooth so it was easier to counter.

Sorry for quite mic, didnt really sound check it just made it quick (also recording settings were off so low quality video but it works).

Youtube Video

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I have tested it, multiple times...did you do a comparison when tired? when suppressed?

When standing still it is fine, that is not what I am talking about.

I will do the test, again, for you guys and show you. I know most of you guys don't believe it and that's okay.

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You are wrong.

The stamina sway + suppression sway together are 2-3 times that of Source.

You admitted you never even tested it so how can you make factual claims? Also you did not even read my post because you didn't realize I was talking about suppression sway as well.

Do you even know there are two types of sway in the game?


also how can you say you shouldn't be running in the open? You do realize the objectives and spawns are farther apart so you HAVE to run more than in source? I mean... that is if you play the objective.

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I was talking about suppression sway as well ...

why is no one reading my post before replying 😢

The sway is about 2-3 times that of source, if you haven't done a comparison you should before replying. Also you must not play the objective then if you aren't noticing the sway that much in sandstorm 😛

You are forced to run A LOT.