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Avidly waiting on news myself, I'll be pretty grimmed out if they delay it once again. Been anticipating the PS4 release for nearly 4 years now.

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That's where you're wrong. I am avidly awaiting the console release (For MP and trophies) but I've also bought Deathwing twice now, once for my own PC and once as a gift.

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@kommodore77 said in You need to talk to your community.:

You've made positive ground with ur customers n fans by sticking with the game and patching it up over the year. Gr8! You've enticed us all with the new EE version, an exciting Xmas release... 😃 Things were positive! Netheos then reported in November that you were mainly tweaking balancing after the beta.

But then, you never released a statement on release day (5th Dec 2017) to explain the circumstances, so people have been left to uncertainty and frustration...!?! The only info was: 27th March 2018 from other sources...?!? You could have at least officially stated that you're delaying due to unforeseen circumstances and the new release date isn't set or the new release date is 27th March 2018... but nothing...

People would rather the game be polished and balanced, and are generally understanding of delays, so just report where things stand! Don't ruin all the positive momentum to just leave embittered customers and fans, who, if left in the dark, will likely stop playing or never purchase your game. Which is a damn shame considering all the hard work and effort Streum have put in to make this game great and worth buying.


Whole heartedly in agreement with this. Still playing every chance I get but an official and comprehensive update would be very welcome.

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I have to say I was expecting something a bit more concrete.
Don't get me wrong, I appreciate that work is still on going but having been repeatedly pushed back for literally years now and that EE has been beta tested I would have thought there would be better information available on its release on both PC and console, especially given that many a retailer has apparently attained information from the "supplier" that looks to point at a Q1 2018 release.

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I do find it a bit galling that today has passed with no comment at all. Granted, I understand that FHI are the publisher and thus associated with SHDs development to a limited degree, not to mention the amount of hassle Netheos must have to deal with in regards to the EEs release on PC as well as console but to be left in the dark when there is less than 30 days left of the potential release is maddening, especially when retailers changed their own expected release dates from 5/12/17 (hence the significance of today) to 27/3/18. Information which apparently comes directly from suppliers.

We beseech you Netheos, surely there must be some offical information or atleast an idea of when we could expect news.

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