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Playing it on No Mercy; running like a little bitch 😂
I avoided getting bogged down in confrontations, side skirted the larger xenos, nabbed the objectives and just kept pushing on as quickly as I could.

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Got a new one for you guys. Chapter 1 on Multiplayer, PS4, doing my duty For The Emperor and holding off those 'nids by myself as the others had fallen and as I was plodding backwards along the most upper right gang way (at the beach head location), unloading my Storm Bolters holy fury, my Apothecary dropped through the map. I ended up back in the Psy gate area with a statement that I had seconds to return to the combat area but despite running out of the portal, it never dropped me back in and I failed the mission.

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My "true colours"?

Yeah, any shade of brown that hasn't already fallen from you @Mr-B

Is it just when other people enjoy themselves that annoys you or that they enjoy Deathwing specifically?

On second thought, don't answer. I genuinely don't care, nor does anybody else.

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How do Steam charts prove he and his friends aren't having a blast, it isn't easy to fill a match quickly (a fact I'm aware of because I actually play) and that the discord isn't buzzing? (Another fact I'm aware of because they run events here)

You're* full of shit.

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@Grey-seer said in Are we ready to admit this game is trash yet?:

So enjoy the game as long you can because it can be shorter then you think.

P2P so as long a I have friends, I have people to play with. Level 76 and no plans on stopping any time soon. Will be jumping between this and Martyr.

You should all take your salt to some one who genuinely cares, nobody here does 🙂

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Nah, see we're all busy playing it, not crying for attention like middle aged babies.

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193 is the highest I've seen so far.

On a relevant side note, in my personal experience, (Level 76) you have enough renown to fully kit out a class with a custom weapon with armour and perks every 25 levels.

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Didn't PC very recently get an update?

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Ironic username given your reaction to news that is fairly common for the console platform.

Once downloaded and played Sony will refuse a refund on pretty much any product.

Better the game be supported and patched at a steady rate than not at all.

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Stalkers and Hybrid Psykers are a plague on No Mercy. Can handle Scythes and Broodlords easier.