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@rioku There's usually some gameplay at the end of weapon customisation related videos but something a bit more solid would be good.

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So you finally got your response, literally word for word the exact statement I'd posted, left for a day and then had to come back again to cry just a little bit harder about it?

There is indeed, always "gits". Reality must be a serious struggle for you.

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Low Level Fatal Errors like that are usually associated with software/hardware interaction problems which is likely the result of interference from other programs or possibly hardware failure. I doubt it's a result of Deathwing itself otherwise it would be a far more common problem.

As for what price people bought Deathwing at, that's entirely your own problem.


So your situation is worse because you only have the one option to play Deathwing on?
That's neither the developers or my own concern and your own tough luck. Nor am I lucky because I know how to build, maintain as well as afford a PC.
And in terms of the bug, I'd say the AI getting stuck, preventing them from moving and in turn being able to complete objectives isn't minor but having played games for well over 20 years now I know not to get my pants in a twist over bugs/glitches, they happen.

Having wanted Deathwing on the PS4 in order to play with the same group of capable friends I played and conquered Space Marine with, it's been a long 4 years since I started following Deathwing, including extensive delays with little or no word.
In that time, an Enhanced Edition was promised and EVERYONE involved, PC or console, suffered in silence as even the existence of the Enhanced Edition was in question for some time. Evidently, the reasoning behind which now likely sits at the feet of a problem coding the Xbox version they've now shelved indefinitely.
Which is unfortunate for those who desired the Xbox version but your end result being worse doesn't exactly excuse the PR in relation to those who will now benefit from the EE.

There was a statement here, a single sentence posted by a community manager stating Deathwing would release on PC and PS4 only.
Hardly a quality piece of PR but short and to the point. Not to mention I copied the longer version into here, knowing others would wish to see it. It doesn't lose much intrinsic value just because you'd rather a CM post it, a simple internet search would verify its authenticity. It's your time, spend it how you like.

P.S. If you consider anything I've said slanderous and/or found it offensive, Emperor help you.

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And here's me thinking we were commenting on a thread entitled; "Urgent News: Xbox One Version has been cancelled" and that telling people this 40K game may not release on XBOX ONE but that that another one will.

@Grey-Seer Deathwing has been updated atleast 8 times since release and in that time I have experienced 1 bug, involving poor AI. If your game still isn't working you could now well be in a minority, to which I will once again say that the Enhanced Edition is a FREE update designed to address a multitude of things for PC players including optimization. If you expect anything more in the way of compensation, prepare for disappointment.

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Look up the open world and boss system trailers on Youtube for a quick but fairly in depth look at Inquisitor; Martyr 🙂

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Lads, Ladies, whatever you refer to yourself as;

It's as simple as this. The Enhanced Edition is out on PC and PS4 on May 22nd, a first release on PS4 and a big free update on PC to add new features and smooth optimization, while the Xbox version is currently cancelled. Like that information or not, it is what it is.

We have all, including myself, been on the bad end of the questionable PR with Deathwing. So if you think continuing to bombard every forum with questions, demands and slander will make a difference, have at it but I draw the line at people telling devs to eat shit and die, get cancer etc which is now happening often and that's only the stuff I'm aware of (Unnecessary backlash).

I totally understand peoples disappointment and I empathise, the best information/advice I can give you being that Inquisitor; Martyr is still due for release on May 11th and it looks to be another solid 40K game, an open world ARPG. Seriously, look into it.

I myself am content with what I've seen/heard and will now simply wait for May to roll around.

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They operate on several mediums and their biggest following is social media. I actually agree that it should have been done here, albeit to some small extent it was but regardless of how it was done, it was going to cause backlash, much of which is completely OTT and unnecessary.
At the end of the day, it is what it is.

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There has been, a week ago;

"We are sorry to announce that Space Hulk: Deathwing will unfortunately not be released on Xbox One, despite the significant time and effort devoted to trying to rectify code development issues.

We apologize to Xbox One players who were eagerly waiting to exterminate Xenos aboard the Space Hulk. It was a difficult but carefully thought through decision, and we wish to thank our community for their commitment and understanding."

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@milesavius said in Urgent News: Xbox One Version has been cancelled:

There's Inquisitor Martyr and, supposedly, Eternal Crusade coming out as well.

You've some serious amount of unwarranted faith if you believe EC is going to land on consoles any time soon, if at all. Not to mention the game is an absolute disaster, thee worst in terms of failing to deliver what was promised.

would we have fully trusted them to give us a good game, especially after the base game was such a mess?

Yes, the reason the game took so long on console is because they didn't want the same reception as they got on PC. They delayed it to fix/improve it, a better practice than releasing a buggy mess then abandoning it, like Spacehulk; Ascension on console.

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