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BattleEye is one of the best anti-cheat solutions, and Focus home has already used it on Linux, so what I was suggesting is implementing the Linux battleEye instead of the Windows version, and we can write a custom Proton script that will start the native BattleEye if Proton is detected, and it will depend whether there'll be a way BE will communicate with IS through Proton/WINE.

It sounds logical and could be doable, but the only one who can answer it are either Forcus-Home or BE creators, or could be Valve and BE, or their both collaboration or all of them 😕

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I've tried running IS from the new Steamplay's Proton, which is a Valve customized version of WINE, and it ran smoothly, started fine, played with the options, customized the player, set a Region, then searched for a game, and it searched and found one, and started loading the map, and right after reaching %100, it said Kicked out by EAC (Dummy Client), so all we need is to recognize IS running under Proton/WINE as a legit client, and I believe it will run super great.

Will this be possible?

And if you use BattleEye for it, can you find a workaround to use Linux's BattleEye if the game is using Proton to run instead of Windows's? I know a native Linux client is always better, but if the game runs perfectly under Proton, then at least we won't have to reboot several times a day whenever we have a break, until a proper native client is in place.

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Damn, still downloading and still 6 hours to go, I so much hope they allow us to play until Thursday, coz the September date is so far away! PLZ guys!

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18h00 CEST

One note plz, allow us more than 4 days of Beta, coz some of us spend 1-2 days just downloading, and that will leave us a couple of days to play after work-time. Just make it a week or so, that would be enough 🙂

I spent double the price of IS to download 4G and was having a problem of Steam not recognizing what it downloads, until I did a whole OS fresh install, so I hope to download through ADSL, but if 4 days are all that you can provide, then 4G again, I just wished I used that money to buy more copies for friends.

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Howdy everyone,

I was just wondering, how long did it take you until you become the master of your domain playing Insurgency? Also, was it helpful to play Soloa lot of must be be Coop or Multiplayer that give you a grasp of what the game is about, what to do and how to do it?

I mean, spectating some players, I realized they were miles away better than me, and it just felt like I'm watching super-intelligent and highly-programmed droids not humans, I kid you not, I tried moving right and left checking my ground like they do, and heck if I could see the enemies, even if they're there, I mean that speed and eye-focus was a Super Sayan level.

My question is, did you guys feel the same when you first start out, or it was just a natural instinctive thing, or is it acquired by time and practice?

If I still have hope, then how long or how many hours was the average that you played, until it became natural to play with that accuracy?

The reason I'm asking is to find out whether I still have hope, or it's a lost cause!? I'm still gonna be playing, it's super fun, but I wanna know should I be expecting myself to improve that much, which is a bit stressful, or shall I just accept it as it is and keep enjoying the game as much as I can and forget about topping the list, lol

Would love to hear you back and/or your experiences as well, and it would feel so encouraging, if there're others who're in the same spot like I am.