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18h00 CEST

One note plz, allow us more than 4 days of Beta, coz some of us spend 1-2 days just downloading, and that will leave us a couple of days to play after work-time. Just make it a week or so, that would be enough 🙂

I spent double the price of IS to download 4G and was having a problem of Steam not recognizing what it downloads, until I did a whole OS fresh install, so I hope to download through ADSL, but if 4 days are all that you can provide, then 4G again, I just wished I used that money to buy more copies for friends.

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I've tried running IS from the new Steamplay's Proton, which is a Valve customized version of WINE, and it ran smoothly, started fine, played with the options, customized the player, set a Region, then searched for a game, and it searched and found one, and started loading the map, and right after reaching %100, it said Kicked out by EAC (Dummy Client), so all we need is to recognize IS running under Proton/WINE as a legit client, and I believe it will run super great.

Will this be possible?

And if you use BattleEye for it, can you find a workaround to use Linux's BattleEye if the game is using Proton to run instead of Windows's? I know a native Linux client is always better, but if the game runs perfectly under Proton, then at least we won't have to reboot several times a day whenever we have a break, until a proper native client is in place.

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