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I've been having the same for about 2 weeks. Pops up while searching for games and stops the search. Not happened in game as yet. Seems more common to happen straight after watching a game on Cabalvision. Sometimes only happens once sometimes I give up searching as it recurs so much.

No issue on any other games or internet in general.

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Post inducements pre-game crash to dashboard. Fresh loaded up game. Watched Cabalvision.

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@calciumcas said in Keeps disconnecting all the time on Xbox:

I would like to add my name to this, DC's are ruining the Xbox CCL.

Can you drop the link to your stream of the playoff DC please. Unless you were a sweary pants...

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@netheos said in Keeps disconnecting all the time on Xbox:

Hi guys, thanks for your reports.

Would you say it's a recent issue? Or that you noticed more crashes recently? Is it actual crashes (the game is closed instantly) or disconnections?

The last update was two months ago and we're trying to see if it's linked with the patch or more recent (nothing out of the ordinary in the servers logs recently).

Are some of you on Xbox One X?

When you are disconnected, are you wired or using a wifi?

Hi Netheos,

I seem to have an issue this season (4 out of 15 CCL games) having only had 1 in around 45-50 last season. All of mine are crashes rather than DCs but at different times (most commonly pre-game though if memory serves).

I'm on an original release Xbox One and wifi. But that is all the same as last season. The crashes seem intermittent and varied, both in how they come to players in bursts and how they present.

I've had variously - crash to dashboard, restart console, flickering UI then dashboard at next break in play (TD or halftime), freeze in reroll screen (although that seemed to be a weird diving tackle, dodge, reroll interaction that I only had a few times but have stopped taking diving tackle because of so not for a while).

Would really like to work with you to build a "DC / Crash report" standard format and this sounds like a start. Can you bullet point out what would be a useful report please? Really appreciate you engaging with this so thank you.

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Big D Burrows earlier today as no-one else picked this up:

"The site won't let me reset my password so I don't have access but just had 2 major DCs back to back, one of which caused the Xbox to full on crash and turn off then back on, the second kicked me out of my Xbox Live account. If someone would copy paste this to the forum I'd appreciate it."

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Dashboard as soon as landed on inducement screen. 4 crashes in 15 games. All a bit different so multiple instabilities / bugs at a guess...

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Complete Xbox shutdown. Post inducements, pre-game. I'm on 3 for this season now having only had 1 on identical setup last season.

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CCL DC at inducements.

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Two other people reported DC on our Facebook group at pretty much same time stamp. But not sure they'll post here.

One just quit CCL I think.

Talk to me please. I'd like to know what you need to know.

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