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So I was watching another live game on cabalvision of a player I know. at half time again, the screen (except the cursor) went blank. I got out f the game and came back, they were fine and did not have any issues during their game. Luckily I recorded that game if you need it. Also, yesterday I got a new video card, so I can rule out a 750Ti and now a 1050Ti nvidia.

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@netheos said in halftime blank screen pause, camera issue caught on my stream.:

Thanks for your report. We'll take a close look at it. Always very helpful to have a video.

It is the first time it happened? Could you give us your hardware? Which options do you use? (camera mode? Does the camera follow your opponent moves?)

yes, first time ever.

camera mode is blood bowl 1. I forced the app to close, rejoined and was then viewing from the other opponents view. If you watch the video at the half time, you can see all of this and how we tried to fix it.

here is a link to my system info

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I dont know if this has been addressed, but if you watch the half time show where the problems start, the bug can be viewed from my camera . I also have the game files if anyone needs them.

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I love the skill over lay options, but sometimes it covers up way to much of the area. I also like that I only need to see upgraded skills, that was a great added feature. I would like to see an option to adjust the skills overlay from 1% to 100% so that I can pick how much of the skill icons I want to see visible.

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