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His 1 is fine as a personal defense button, but his 2 is just so... impotent. Barely even killing a Hybrid with a Stubber it feels like. I wouldn't mind seeing it buffed to make more of an impact, even if it means slapping a few extra seconds worth of cooldown on it.

His 3 also needs a hefty buff to warrant the cooldown it has. Needs more ompf (noticing a theme here?) rather than being a single Heavy Weapon's Plasma Cannon shot on half a minute cooldown...!

I mean, he is stuck with the crappy Bolter variants because his Psyker abilities are meant to compensate lacking better weaponry but they just don't.

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There is also capital letters missing from a lot of stuff. Such as the Heavy Perk "War Machine" actually reading "War machine" in-game.

Leaves a rather... sloppy, impression.

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The first screenshot is how it looks when I'm not hosting. The second one is when I am, or playing Single-player. Not really visible, but the Emblem put on weapons similarly doesn't show.

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