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You don't even need Steamplay anyway as NWI have a plan to release native on linux later after release.

let them focusing on optimize performance at the moment.

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Also I do realize my CPU are on weak side, but come on

Do this game will need that much spec to play smoothly? If so, that will exclude so many people from playing your game.

Many game on UE4 suffer from same issue, over time it got better but in what time-frame? that for NWI to think about not me lol 🙃

anyway. hope my report helping all this optimization phrase

Cheer 😃

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Edited: fix typo, FreeSync not Fast Sync lol, sorry it's 2am here in Thailand 😵

@grotesqueshadow said in after aug 31st patched: stuttering and frame freeze (w/ video):

If you have vsync on and the framerate is limited, it is quite possible that the GPU sometimes can deliver the rendering side of the frame on time, with just using 30% of its computational power. But for each frame being rendered also a bunch of computational stuff for physics, culling, networking, scheduling draw calls, etc. is being calculated on the CPU side. That can easily take longer than the ~16ms you'd need to have for smooth 60fps. So it is not neccessarily an issue with the GPU if it is only utilized 30%, you might be bottlenecked by CPU computations or something might stall things during HDD read times.

Make sense.

But just to be clear on reporting, I did NOT turn V-Sync: On

However, In more detail when I specify about FreeSync in spec section of topic

My monitor operate at max freq 60hz (FreeSync setting: off) normally, but there's a option to turn on FreeSync in monitor setting, this will made monitor max freq go up 75hz (FreeSync setting: on)


so I mostly turn it on to get benefit of high freq.

yes I know nVidia not support FreeSync , I just want 75hz.

but from past experience that sometime cause a problem, some game if I playing @75hz FPS will vary so much with no smooth FPS at all.

So I eliminate that by set monitor to 60hz when record video. all my reporting will be consist monitor @60hz to demonstrate on video to NWI.

If you can, maybe try moving the game temporarily to your SSD using the tool "steam mover" (should be able to find it online somewhere) and see if that fixes the issue? I've read a report on the steam forum of someone who claimed it mostly fixed stutter for him.

I actually not have enough space on SSD, but now I got myself in testing so I clear some space and moved game files to SSD. (You could do it in Steam library btw, Right click on game > Properties > "Local files" Tab > Move Install Folder...)

But... not much improvement
Youtube Video

Pardon my bad gameplay, My focus all on frame time overlay at top-right 😆

here my settings


oh, almost forget, I use OBS (w/ NVENC) to record video.

I observed when not recording: All Frame time + FPS still the same as you see in video.

posted in Insurgency: Sandstorm Pre-Order Beta - Technical Feedback read more

after August 31st hotfix FPS got better, but micro stuttering still presents.

even worse then stuttering, is Frame Freeze.

at the moment frame freezed in video I tired to ADS.

frame time report more then 16.66ms mostly (Overlay at the top-left corner, bottom line after fps are frame time) and GPU got only 30%+ utilized.

Youtube Video

All Low/Off
Frame Rate Smoothering: On
Frame Limit: 60fps

Windows 10 Pro 64-bit
CPU: Intel i5 4670
Ram: 8GB Dual-Channel DDR3
GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 6GB
HDD: WD Blue 1TB 7200rpm SATA-III (stored game files)
SDD: Samsung SSD 850 EVO 120GB (stored windows page files: 4GB)
Monitor: LG 23MP68VQ-P @ 60Hz when recorded video (normally I set FreeSync on in monitor, which made it operated @ 75hz)

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