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I've got a similar suggestion too. 2x holographic and 2x red dot would be cool if we could switch the 1x and 2x magnification manually, as is shown in this video in the second 42:

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@benny been happening since last update

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I agree. Some weapons should make more damage

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It used to be in the beta. After last update I can't do it. It's really annoying having to wait those seconds

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This past few days I've encounter a bug which specially affects insurgents when attacking security in Push mode.

It happens that there are some moments that when time is at 0 coincide with the time that insurgents take the objective, so the game understand that Security is the winner faction, but the problem is that the game shows that Insurgents already took the objective, so everyone confuses who wins till we all see that Security had the Victory.

Honestly the game should continue because insurgents took the objective just in the limit of time. However this is going to be at devs consideration, but or one thing or another, I mean, or they took objective or Security won.

This has happened with insurgents attacking only, there is a chance that with security happens the same. I don't know though.

Another consideration is that when attackers are taking the objective and they run out of time, the game should continue till they get it or defenders get the objective totally cleared. In other words, game do not finish untill obj is secured or cleared.

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Hello guys. Since last update I've been having ping peaks worse than ever. Before update I could play normally with an average ping of 175 in US East server (I'm from SA and SA sv are empty 24/7), with some ping problems but it wasn't a big deal since it was just hardly ever. Since last update though, IT'S FUCKING UPLAYABLE, I can't handle more than 1 minute without ping going up to 400-1000 ms, and by sometimes it does not go down from 400 ms.

I tried playing in Europe with 250 average normally, but ping peaks were exactly the same, 400 ms more or less, less constantly though, but still unplayable.

I've already checked my connection, I've got all ports open, and rest of my games connection is 10/10, Insurgency Sandstorm is the only game I can't play bc of this problem, and most curious is this is happening since last patch.

I'm so mad with this, bc is the funniest game I've got on my library, and it's a shame I can't play it for server problems. I don't want to refund this, but if the problem still there a few days before release I'll be obligated to ask for a refund with more than 50 hours on the game.

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Hello. I open this thread because since last update I've been having lots of peaks with the ping. Sometimes I'm playing with 100 and it goes suddenly to 700 and becomes unplayable.

Idk if sb is suffering the same, but this is quite a good game and I don't wanna have to be obligated to refund bc of the bad servers.

Pd: it's not my internet since it's working well and this is the only game I've got this issue with.

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It would be nice to have some indicator when we kill some enemy. It's really simple but I like to realize when I get a kill with some sound or a visual marker that I've killed an enemy, like for example Bf1 does, a red marker in the center of the screen with a characteristic sound.

It would be also really useful when calling in artillery strikes, so you may realise how many kills you've got. I even sometimes don't realise that I killed lots of enemies and when I see my current stats I see I got like more than 10 kills and I didn't even know.

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