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Is there any way to solve this annoying problem?

Its a bit painful when you travel through the districts and very often you are interrupted by this loading times...

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Thats the point of the game...

It wants you to feel the consequences of your choice, it doesnt matter if they are good or bad...

And that why there is no manual save.

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Hello friends!

I feel the neccesity to express a few ideas that I think could improved what is an already great game in the core but failed for few details...

Playing this game I feel how great it is and how, with the appropiate changes, could result in a better experience.

I already wrote some of the, in another post, but anyway I wanted to insist xD

I just hope the developers will read not only mine but also your proposals for the coming updates.

For now I will incide mainly in the combat system, which I exploid too much and few others.

Here you have:

The combat system is fine... but it lacks from dynamism not only the system itself but also regarding the lack of variety in the enemies and powers.


1- Minor vampire powers should not have time limitations, on the contrary, being able to use them freely could result in a more satisfactory experience I think... maybe this can be changed improving enemies AI, adding few new enemies to the combats...

I miss sometimes the possibility to do the "Spring attack" at will for example...

The general feeling is that you have always to be waiting...

For the Ultimate vampire powers, time should be reduced or change it for high blood consume.

2- Regarding Attack animations: it could be nice to have smoother attack animations (with light weapons), for now you don´t feel like a real vampire at all as you feel too slow... I believe an improvement is necessary.

If you are a vampire, you have to feel it... they are the fastest creatures.

3- Possibility to do strong attacks: maybe by pressing for a while attack button with a huge consume of stamina (they could do harm and also stun the enemies)... while the stakes could remain as a way to stun enemies, doing them no harm, but consuming a minimal stamina.

4 - Quick jump action: Would be great if we had the possibility to reach any spot that could be reached by clicking a button and choose what spot we want to reach...

I hate that this power is that much hard-coded...

It feels horrible for example, when you want to go down from a high spot and you can´t use this very cool power.

5- New powers as:

-SUPERNATURAL SPEED: As you are a vampire, you should be able to confront enemies by using your supernatural ability to move faster than mortals.

Pretty close to the vampiric power seen in Vampire the masquerade Bloodlines "Celerity".

And also could be a way of "Fast travel".

-RAGE: A power that unleashed your inner beast and allow you to do mortal attacks to each enemies, but having total control on the character.

6- The last one, and I feel is the most important:

PLEASE SOLVE THAT HORRIBLE LOAD TIMES WHILE YOU CROSS THE SCENERY... this kills totally the experience on consoles.

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Hope this patch increase frame rate and most important: eliminate those horrible load times when you move between zones... they happen very often and ruins the game experience...

Greetings and very happy to hear you are working on a big patch fot consoles!!!

Thank you!

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Here you have some of my proposals, I will think in more:

-Add Hand to hand combat (Come on you are a vampire).

-Square for normal attack and Triangle for strong attacks (Hand to Hand), establish some kind of combo system to make combat more enjoyable.

-Quick escape button to go away from enemies some meters, when they surround you (Very High blood consume, but could escape from troubles).

-Be able to use Jump power at our wish (Could be used like a fast travel through streets with no blood consume).
Don´t like Vanilla cause is like something Hard-coded just for certains spots.... that sucks.

-Faster Stamina recovery... I like the idea to have a limitation of movements due to a more strategic combat, but the slow stamina recovery from vanilla game kills combat´s dynamism.

-Option to partial feed on citizens (like a way to pick half experience from them instead of completely kill them, then implement a system that make that character´s recovery to be pretty hard like a penalty to this action).

-A HUD to guide through the map (This is something I don´t underst why Dontnod didn´t added).

-Location of citizens, resources etc... once you explored a place.

-With Vampire vision be able to see marked all the significant objects (coloured in orange like in Batman Arkham games Detective mode) cause in vanilla using it you don´t see anything...

-An estructured resource system, more meaningful... have all the information in every object to know what resources we need... some kind of resource guide...

-New and more appropiate vampire powers:

*Speed (used in combat can be like time-bullet, your enemies move slow while you move normal).

*Rage (You unleash your inner beast, but instead to lose control you totally control de character and could feed at wish, perform very strong attacks etc...).

*Mist (You can turn into mist, can fly through the surroundings, trespass walls (only when you reach them in story) or even to use as another fast travel... blood consume must be high and could be on for 30 seconds for example).

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Its probably that like in any other game like these you will be able to combat with no weapons... but its something that make me feel worried, because all the interviews I read they always speak about melee combat with hand weapons and range...

Do you know if they confirm hand combat??? Being a vampire he must!!!

Another thing its about vampiric powers that they didn´t show up in E3... I just wish them to include the ability to move fast as you could do in Vampire the masquerade: Bloodlines!!! The teleport power its great but also must be present this Celerity power in my opinion!

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That would be great!!!

Personally I prefer previous versions of the character... like the first one which appeared when the game was first announced!!!

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I hope there will be interaction with other vampires and know their stories somehow, even collaborate or doing an alliance with some of them, to help you in your quest!

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Hello my fellow immortal comrades!

So nice to be here and that finally we have a great vampire game since Bloodlines!!! Hope not to be the last!!!

Im awaiting great discussions here and between us help Dontnod to deliver Vampyr as better as possible!!!


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