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H115i Liquid CPU Cooler
Trident Z RGB 32GB RAM
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It's come to my attention that virtue-signaling snowflake bitches cant handle harsh words in a game where you're BLOWING PEOPLE INTO LITERAL CHUNKS.

Here's a status update for you: Soldiers in the Middle East aren't refraining from swearing, or using derogatory language. THEY'RE IN A FIGHT FOR THEIR FUCKING LIVES, WITH BULLETS WHIZZING PAST THEIR HEADS. THEY DONT HAVE ANY SYMPATHY AND NICE WORDS FOR PEOPLE WHO ARE TRYING TO SHOOT THEM.

Watch live leak for once in your damn life. If there was a way to have every player wear a feedback vest while playing this game, and when you got shot, you felt like you got punched REALLY HARD, maybe then you'd give a shit less about what people are saying.

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  1. Dont be a little bitch
  2. Quit virtue signaling
  3. We do really need a votekick
  4. Mute players who offend your precious little mind
  5. If you cant mute them, turn off all radio comms in your settings until patched
  6. STFU and play the game
  7. If you heard half of what is said on the REAL battlefield, you'd STFU.
  8. Grow a pair
  9. Of Balls
  10. And dont be a virtue-signaling snowflake bitch.
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Going to post my reshade preset here:

Install reshade on the exe found in this DIR:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\sandstorm\Insurgency\Binaries\Win64

Then throw my file in that same folder. Here's before and after photos. Cheers!
0_1544897556425_Wall 2.jpg

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@Sgt-Kanyo I'm guessing you're the guy from online when we were playing precinct and i told you about this? These are my settings.



Youtube Video – [02:22..]

I'm also overclocked. Here's my settings for my 1080 OC. And this is the guide i used to do so


Youtube Video

Go to the game's root dir and click these 2 check boxes


I also right clicked on the exe in this folder, and clicked off these 2 check boxes


My hopes are that you enjoy the game. I want to do everything within my power to help this community grow, and i hope that by sharing some of these things, you will benefit. Have a good day man!

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on all settings VERY HIGH i'm now getting over 180 frames and NO stuttering. Best framerate and performance i've EVER gotten. Dont worry about your character and stats, those are stored server-side. You can make a copy of the folder just incase you're extra worried. I'm telling you though....the game has NEVER run smoother.

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I was on hideout, defending A as security forces. I'm up on the top looking out at the oncoming wave, and i count SIX molotovs in the air. All the bots ran the same route on the way up to the house, and all threw at the exact same there was an arcing stream of fire heading towards us. Each one was maybe spaced out half a foot apart? But all followed the EXACT same trajectory into the bottom doorway. It was the best moment I've seen yet of this ludicrous bullshit. I would have gone back and captured it, but it was on custom servers 😞

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Did you play this weekend's patch? I have a high end system, but it ran MUCH smoother than any other patches to date. My friends with varying lower-tier systems all noticed drastic performance improvements. Did you refund the game?? You shoulda kept it up until the hours before it released to make that judgement call (if you did refund).

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There is a bot difficulty slider you can access in solo play or in your own server should you host one. Hit "-" on your numpad, and it will bring up the dev menu. Then you can go to "AI", and change the bot difficulty there. You can also spawn yourself weapons, freeze the AI, test their damage values (is this weapon a 1 shot, 2 shot, 5 shot, etc), and more. Knowing this, you'll encounter different custom servers with different difficulty bots. l believe from testing, in the regular matchmaking games, you may encounter different difficulty bots as well. For example, the bots only lean when on a higher difficulty. If you encounter a bot leaning, you know that specific game has a higher difficulty bot setup. Hope this helps.