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A gold lining around the box of the rank would be cool. Simply way to show off that we know what we're doing.

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Again, i ONLY play co-op.

If there's a name, and numbers associated with that name, people will be competitive about it. The more i think about the game, the more i think i'd enjoy if there was simply no scoreboard at all. You either work as a team and win, or you don't. Get rid of scores, get rid of KD ratios, truly make it feel like you're forced to work effectively with your teammates. THEN>>>>after the round is over, you could see your stats. But only once the round is over. I feel as though this would encourage very high levels of team work, and would only lead to positive effects. Thoughts?

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For the record, I only play Co-op.
i've got 481 hrs on INS2, and 231 on Sandstorm as of this writing.

I think that there needs to be discourse on a subject that many seem to be glossing over. There's what we believe the base game should be, and then there's everything that can be modded into it. I see a lot of posts in this General Feedback forum that could easily be addressed by mods, and shouldnt necessarily take up precious hours of the devs' time.

Battle royal modes(gross), unlimited points/weight, instant fire support arrival....these things can all be modded. I'd like to start this thread, to keep a running tally of two categories. What we think needs to be fixed/adjusted for the base game, and issues that modders can take on. Hopefully this could also help the devs prioritize more efficiently, if they realize that certain issues being brought up are better left to the modding community, and they don't need to worry about certain things.

Base Game mechanics:

  • Bot accuracy and detection while on technicals
  • Faster fire support arrival
  • Delete preset button
  • Friendly fire toggle
  • Crystal clear aimpoints
  • AI that detects faster, yet takes longer to fire.
  • Less lateral movement speed/acceleration value.
  • Arriving in an active warzone with your weapon ALREADY LOADED.
  • Helicopters not being made out of paper.
  • Missing respawn wave
  • Voting on team & map for co-op games
  • If player 1 = actively rigging cache, and cache receives damage from player 2, player 2 receives that damage
  • Vote Kick mechanic
  • Asymmetrical melee damage (bots kill in 1 hit. takes 3 from me)

Mods to build off of established mechanics:

  • "Hold 1 objective for as long as you can" mode
  • Instant fire support arrival
  • Unlimited weapon points/weight
  • Scopes and weapon sights (custom sprites, flippable scopes, etc)
  • Muzzle flashes not being as bright.
  • Bullet damage (higher or lower TTK)
  • Revive Mechanic
  • Custom weapon ports (everything from 35 angry bots)
  • Custom ammo types
  • Custom fire support effects

This is the list i can think up as of now. I'll update this list with every post so that it's in one easily readable and accessible place. I hope this post helps.

ALSO.....If someone (maybe even the devs) could point me in the right direction as to which software to learn to mod the scripting and such, i'd love to get going so i can start making these mods myself.


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I have very few complaints when it comes to Sandstorm. It runs great (99.9% of the time), sounds amazing, gives me a complete sense of immersion I've never experienced in another game...i love it. It's just the AI. If what i saw tonight is what's coming, i'm stoked.

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Encountered this tonight while playing Co-op. There were multiple bots on my team. Are you guys using friendly AI to fill in empty servers now? This AI was better than any I've played with/against in the past. Hopefully a taste of things to come!! I love it!


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@amurka said in Unusable aimpoints:

AFAIK they're porting the game to a new version of Unreal Engine? So I imagine making complaints about current visuals might be pointless.

WHAT??? Theyl're upgrading the entire engine??? I definitely haven't heard about this, but i'm highly intrigued. I figured they'd be building this off the most current version of Unreal Engine to begin with. If you got some links or something i'd love to give it a read. I'll start looking into it myself in the meantime.


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@Benz and @Slazenger You salty

It's a game mechanic. It's there to let people waste each other without it counting towards score. It's the 1 time throughout my day i can try to kill my buddy before he kills me. We always hop in together, choose our class as fast as possible, then try to waste each other. It makes it fun. Unfortunately, people like @Benz and @Slazenger have to take it personally. People like @Benz and @Slazenger are the reason we have to sit here explaining the logic of the game mechanic. People like @Benz and @Slazenger will never have fun in life because they have a victim mentality.

IF the devs want to "FIX" this, either make all TK damage bounce back at the person doing the firing, or simply make your teammates invincible. making them invincible, would allow people to still practice their cqb skills pre-match, without detracting from the enjoyment of people like @Benz and @Slazenger who simply want to run around and explore.

PS: @Benz and @Slazenger .....I'm calling you out. Grow up.

EDIT: I play under the in-game name MORTY. US West. I encourage you to come find me and watch as i slay you pre-game. However, you WONT find me shooting you once the round starts. That's called mutual respect. It's something i have for other players.

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@snuffeldjuret I actually REALLY like the idea of reflect damage. If 100% of damage dumped into teammates was instead taken, that'd make for a very fun game, that wouldn't punish the person being targeted, and would actually train the players to be better soldiers, more aware of their surroundings.

-US West Server

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Thanks for the constructive response. I feel as though, by making the teamkills pre-round not count against score, the devs were possibly promoting the "shoot at everyone" mentality of say, the PUBG prematch chaos.

If they were to simply make everyone invincible pre-round (as is the case with PUBG), that would fix both issues. Let people practice shooting, while for those who want to explore, they wont be stricken down.

It would also seem that simply making it so that there is no pre-game countdown, and the match starts when everyone has connected and loaded, would be another alternative to fix the teamkilling (pre-round start, post-round start, and the mindset in itself).

-US West Server

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