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Good point Sir! Now, i feel like idiot. My apologies.

Have a nice day!

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I see the problem here. You started to believe lies, you make up by yourself. Now you missleading facts. Give me here one example, where someone from developers like Pavel confirmed, that they will do working mirrors. Right, nothing was yet confirmed, nothing was stated.

This is a special game, special vision from Pavel and his team. VIdeo game GOD bless them for this piece of most relaxing and mudding offroad experience on market.

So, stop! Stop! Nine year old crybabies, booo-hooo-hooo. I hate you, all of you. (Maybe you know this reference from someone:-)

Good day!

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I want to read Pavel's opinion.

Anyway, i play this game from 2013 i guess. Huge excitement, best game ever until some stupid conflict and total silence for a few years. Yea, recently Mudrunner came, and i was again a happy bunny. Instant pre purchase. You know, untill now we had three free DLC, one payed is even on way, so i dont understand for SHT, why mudrunner 2 announcement from nowhere.

What i know for sure, it will be absolutely different as i expect. But i am happy for you. Good luck with development.

Good day.

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Absolutely lovely update! I'm happy it will be not a stand alone game as i thought before. Also nice work Iyagovos, letting us updated once a while. I appreciate it!

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So after recent update, i was again able to toy around with some stats in note pad.

This are the default notes:

***NSFW content***

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Yo, and this are the "repaired" ones:

***NSFW content***

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Basically this remove that annoying "engine start sound" whenever you press pedal (W default on key.) Now i can enjoy slow driving in the mud again with Steam Controller.

You can get the idea what "bothered" me. Maybe in future, the dev tem if they find some spare time to polish game, they throw eye on this. Than you again, have nice day!

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I make this simple.

  1. Go to Providing Ground
  2. Spawn exactly these vehicles B-131, B-130, E-7310, D-537, D-535 and C--375, E-7429, C--6317, D--538, C--260, C-256, C-255, K--700, B-66
  3. Pick and test one by one, and rapidly press acceleration key. (W by default).

Please, make sure you give attention to vehicles mentioned in Italic. They work perfect! Now, make sure you give an extra ordinary attention to Bold vehicles, K-700 for example. When you press W, "engine acceleration sound" loads no matter if you press it 1.000 times in one second, it just load again and again. This is not a problem for keyboard users, because you are not sitting there and pressing W like maniac. But! Its ******* problem for me because i use trigger buttons as in any game with vehicles so it updates each nanomilimeter when i am trying to give a specific position as you in your car with your leg. So, it loads each time that starting sound effect.

Please, i posted all lines that has to be changed. I changed it to myself, so it worked before updates always ruined it. Now i cant do even that. Please, Iyagovos would you be so kind and help me? It will be most appriciated! Thank you all, have nice day!

PS: Why do i bother to give attention from year of 2014 and, or trying to fix it with your help?
Because! Now, read carefully please. I love this game. Well, to be fair, i love Samantha more, but its close. Anyway, i cant enjoy this game when K-700, or C- whatever is annoying as ***.

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Playing on PC with Steam Controller and everything looks fine with C-375. When i go down hill with reverse, i can turn wheels and truck is not raising any speed. It behaves as expected with trigger buttons or with manually selected from three options of speed on first gear.

Or, maybe im late and it has been fixed with recent update 🙂

Good day!

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Don't want be rude much - but call it whatever sound "bug" still existing and annoying.

Thank you and have nice day!

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Splendid, thank you!