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I love Lord of The Rings books, so i made up this name from several characters mentioned in book series.

Lórindë´s - if you want to try it in Google. Michael is real name.

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Playing on PC with Steam Controller and everything looks fine with C-375. When i go down hill with reverse, i can turn wheels and truck is not raising any speed. It behaves as expected with trigger buttons or with manually selected from three options of speed on first gear.

Or, maybe im late and it has been fixed with recent update 🙂

Good day!

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Absolutely lovely update! I'm happy it will be not a stand alone game as i thought before. Also nice work Iyagovos, letting us updated once a while. I appreciate it!

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I see the problem here. You started to believe lies, you make up by yourself. Now you missleading facts. Give me here one example, where someone from developers like Pavel confirmed, that they will do working mirrors. Right, nothing was yet confirmed, nothing was stated.

This is a special game, special vision from Pavel and his team. VIdeo game GOD bless them for this piece of most relaxing and mudding offroad experience on market.

So, stop! Stop! Nine year old crybabies, booo-hooo-hooo. I hate you, all of you. (Maybe you know this reference from someone:-)

Good day!

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Here we can show some of the best videos on the internet. Watch out, things may get dirty.

We have this little competition in our neighbourhood, called truck trial. Some great examples:

Extrem offroad - Truck TRIAL - Tatra 6X6 Ural 6X6

Extrem offroad truck 6x6 in mud - Truck trial

By the way, is this ok with forum rules? If not, please delete it.

Edit: In second video, i suppose they did get some extra differential damage.

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