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Hi everyone, I'm writing this lenghty post because I care about this game... I really want it to be as best as possible, but atm I have mixed feelings. I'll try to keep it as precise as possible for the devs:

General feelings:

  • lack of customisation makes the fleets feel general and 'not our own'.
  • larger map is a step in a good direction.
  • asteroid fields are too small and make no difference.
  • domination mode seems balanced, however people are afraid that it is the only MP mode out there (which will get boring quickly and might look like a money grab).
  • ship models look wonderful, you guys have really talented Zbrush sculptors.
  • people miss the shipyard and the ability to see their ships.
  • Huge numbers of turrets make torpedoes obsolte, unless in end game, where you won't be able to use all. This is coming from a torp player.
  • Turrets go through Attack Craft and torpedoes like paper.
  • Lances seem too weak allround
  • I love how fighters and attack craft work atm. Good job!
  • typos (for instance Raven Guard not Raven Guards etc


  • Individual ships need a CAP. Nobody wants to play against 4 battleships. Spam brakes the multiplayer. Well balanced games try to avoid that (for instance Corvus Belli's - Infinity the Game).
  • some escorts don't seem to make any sense pointswise.
  • discrepancy in the number of ships between factions can be felt. Some factions are boring and if possible, GW should be pressed to add more like the Drukari battleship.


  • Different factions cannot share same skills, boring and lazy though understandable (balance)
  • some sub-factions have additional skills making them a prime choice
  • if possible add some skills/abilities to sub-factions, like some form of stealth for Night Lords or Baording actions causing Morale penalties, some demonic abilities to Word Bearers etc. Right now it's just a paintjob, with the lack of individual voice acting and abilities it feels lackluster.

Factions (baring in mind that ppl need to learn how to play a faction and how to play against one):
Oh well... let's begin with the most problematic races:


  • Starpulse... is by far the most badly made ability in the game, along with the fleet ability to boost it's dmg. Necron players teleport, apply starpulse (for instance 4x 600dmg IIRC) - destroy everything and recall back half the map away. There is no counter, and spreading your forces helps, but they can simply repeat the attack. Every strategy should have counterplay - atm it's just pushing 2-3 buttons for a well-timed win while the opponent watches.
  • fleet is really boring, too few weapons and variety forces Necron players to do the above (usually with 4x Scythes).
  • thematic lack of shields is problematic - without the darn Starpulse, Necrons melt away.
  • balancing this fleet should be the main priority and the most difficult task
  • Current meta: 4x Scythe + extras for the above teleport action of death incarnate.

Adeptus Astartes - Space Marines

  • Weak fleet - expensive and surprisingly squishy when compared to BFG:A1.
  • Fleet focuses on boarding actions in which they don't excel, have limited number of attacks, and opponent's have a lot of countermeasures (abilities restocking troop count, a damn nasty scuttle mechanic)
  • Bombardment cannons are ok, however the fleet cannot seem to dash out any decent damage.
  • Currently playerrs run pase the enemy, apply boards, pray to the Emprah to survive and hope they can repeat. Even if a whole fleet attacks one enemy ship, it can either Scuttle and take it's revenge or simply restock the Troop count with their own boarding actions.
  • Turrets go through Attack Craft and torpedoes like paper. Doesn't help
  • Players should FEAR being close to SM. Atm they are happy to destroy one ship at a time, as the freightened Astartes players hopes he will survive the next breakthrough.


  • Currently a top tier army. Big range, near-constant stealth and huge speed. Surprisingly tough and able to ram 😱
  • Stealth mechanic is really cool and thematic, yet players dislike playing against them .
  • Some abilities attacking the opposing players Troop count are cool and thematic - maybe this should also be a focus?
  • Current meta is 4x Battleships on hit and run attacks melting everyone away. Again SPAM = bad gameplay. Add CAPs to ship.

Adeptus Mechanicus

  • 2 options: Nova Spam from Capital Ships or Light Cruiser spam.
  • great ship models, yet almost no difference from IN
  • we need more mechanicus-theme skills. Maybe some repair? Morale?

Eldar Corsairs/Asuryani

  • difficult to master, difficult to counter.
  • Asuryani already have a current meta of 4x Dragonships? - Extremely powerful and durable with near constant 80% dmg reduction?
  • Escorts used to be better choices for Eldar then they are currently.


  • Seem cool, people don't understand that they shouldn't ram with them, just use abilities, boarding actions etc
  • Stealth mechanic is nice
  • Very thematic abilities
  • Dunno if the morale penalty to enemies isn't too big
  • some players argue they are too squishy

Tau Merchants and Forgeworld

  • Gamebreaking bug with the multiplication of escorts in the merchant fleet
  • Hit like a brick, steer like a brick, takes the IQ of a brick to use them 😂
  • Great looking ships
  • Gameplay should be tweaked for a more interesting playstyle then just shooting from afar.

Chaos & Imperial Navy

  • most well balanced...
  • except for spam, like facting 4x IN battleships, or 8 same Chaos Cruisers

You have advertised only one MP mode so far. People fear it is the only one. With the lack of progression and leaderboards providing no reward, the game might get boring very quickly, despite being a step in the right direction.
We need better communication - what can we expect more from the MP part of the game?
Maybe battle royale? 🤣 sry, couldn't resist

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I also agree. It stops the typical 'more bigger ships' SPAM. It forces you to use light cruiser and escorts - to have a more diversified fleet. This is great for the game.

Bear in mind this scenario for instance:

Tau players creates a fleet of several long distance cruisers with a huge DPS output. Youcan either close the gap, or die. In Domination, you have other options and the ability to get the points, to split your forces.

Annihilation = create huge blobs and hit them with each other. Splitting forces is not beneficial, and this makes the game less interesting. Less maneuvering, less tactical optins. Just simple DPS and the old tactics that we were used to like kite'ing etc. Domination is the best thing they came up with for MP!

The original tabletop BFG had approximately 10 scenarios. That was the beauty of the game.

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  1. fully agree.
  2. fully agree.
  3. Partially disagree. I believe escorts should do more DPS and still be able to cap. Right now they only function as scouts.
  4. Seems ok. It also highly recommend making more abilities and upgrades, especially for seperate factions like the chaos god-aligned legions.
  5. No idea.
  6. Definitely. They need a lot of help -they must feel resilient and nasty up close (including weaponry).
  7. Agreed. Extremely boring and AdMech needs more AdMech abilities and skills.
  8. Possibly. Chaos and IN are both balanced and a pleasure to play against.
  9. Necrons - I agree, how ever I would add some form of phase out mechanic. They should be really durable, but should attempt a jump before being destroyed.
  10. No idea.
  11. Fully agree.
  12. Fully agree.
  13. Ah such a hard thing to address. Nonetheless, they are the strongest faction and one that needs to be addressed. I have the lack of a force organization chart and the option of spamming battleships with them. A proper Eldar/Dark Eldar player should attack from multiple angles and use many units, not just make a 180 turn with OP Battleships.
  14. Good ideas, don't know about the spore fields generated by ship death part.
  15. Tau - they need more playstyle. Standing still and shooting is really crappy gameplay. I believe they should be reworked.
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Tyranids destroy morale na eat everything by getting close and boarding.

Chaos does have better assault boats, but you cannot rely on them at all if the opponent uses Brace for Impact + AAF, and has any proper use of Fighters. That meta has passed since BETA1. No idea what you are talking about here.

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So I've tried 4x Styx today. Works only around 1/4 of the time.

6x Slaughter is the only build that seems to be working atm, including vs Tau and most Eldar. Still you cannot catch some and they simply outrange/dps you.

It's a pity, so many ships that only shoot pebbles. I loved the varied chaos fleets in BFG1, Beta1 and Beta2. Nothing seems to be working since release, at least for me.

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  1. Space Marines and CSM in the Novels were able to board, escape the firing range, and just wait for the ship to be taken over. For instance, ADB's Throne of Lies. This needs to be present in the game, so I would wait what Tindalos have planned instead of reverting it to BFG1.

  2. I agree that an additional option of stopping Mutinies would be nice. The problem with execute is that it is only possible when the deck isn't crippled. I would also prefer if the ship decided an Emergency Warp instead, but it could influence the points system.

  3. I disagree. You need to control 3 points at most and the opponent needs to engage you. Use escorts, don't suicide them and spread your fleets. It's a long discussion, but you can checkout AirSickHydras video on YT about this topic. I think he gets it.

  4. I disagree. This could lead to certain fleets never seeing certain ships on the battlefield. I prefer trying to create all-round fleets, and balancing aspects of the game. I believe stopping ship SPAM and a Force Organisation chart (like in the Tabletop) would solve the issues much better.

  5. I agree. Also, switching the subfaction should still maintain your upgrades etc.

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OMG you honestly scared me with the C.S. Goto part!

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Additional thoughts after some more time:


  • Escort squadrons don't seem to put out any meaningful DPS. I don't know what changed, but in BFG:A1 I regularly fielded several Aconites, Swords, Idolators and they did their job. In this game (maybe range/accuracy?) they seem to shoot pebbles at starships 😉
  • Some escort points cost don't seem to make any sense, nor have any meaningful role.
  • Scouting role is finally a thing 🙂 GJ Tindalos.

Carriers, attack craft and torps

  • Gameplay with them is a blast - with te ability to scout with fighters and dmg opposing turrets the carrier-game has become a much better experience.
  • The number of uses to 3 is the best gameplay decision from BFG:A1=>BFG:A2! People simply need to learn to use them differently then before and they become a powerful weapon.
  • Torpedoes on the other hand seem extremely squishy to take out. While turrets serve a good role vs attack craft, I think torps should be more difficult to take out, otherwise they don't seem to be viable.

Ps. I still think that SPAM is killing the META and any sort of balance. Especially the number of BS should be capped like escorts, for instance to 2, maybe 3 for Orks or Tyr.

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I fully disagree. Escorts should be able to cap, otherwise they will only scout. Already they put out a flimsy amount of DPS and multiple of them do nothing. You want to remove one of their last remaining uses? They should be improved, not the other way around IMO.

They also provide a means to win vs players who spam BS. The game lacks a force organization chart. With limited uses for escorts, don't limit it even further.

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I fully disagree with the OP. Add more scenarios, more creative than silly Annihilation. Capturing points makes the game more tactical than just SPAM the most powerful ships.

It also helps diversify the fleets.

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SM fighter thunderhawks for example get shredded by other fighters. No idea why, but it's not that simple I believe. Carriers do a really strong job, and the ability to use fighters vs an undetected radar blip is a litte to strong?

I've had numerous games where my opponent used 6 ships with launch bays, sent a huge amount of fighters vs my Battle Barge. Despite using thounderhawks from the barge, and 4 cruisers + brace + turrets, they ripped to shreds the TH and got on the barge. Next wave started to bomb it.

Damn powerful.

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Please reconsider if possible. @Blexus-Falconer

For instance, Eldar could always face 6x Slaughters, or Slaanesh Slaughters that will simply catch them and rip to shreds.

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We shall support!

BTW love the Campaign, you have really skilled Zbrush scultpors and fantastic cutscene artists!

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Hi guys, just wondering what are your lists.

So far the only list working for me is either 6x Slaughter + escorts SPAM, or the same with Acherons. And I hate spam. The rest, or any mixture of ships seems like just throwing pebbles.
When I win, I win sorely by objectives, but I cannot destroy anything (unless I use the damn Slaughters). The dps seems to pathetic when compared to the opposition (unless I face IN). Eldar (3x), Necrons, Tau (2x), outdps Chaos so bad is seems the ships are made of cardboard and we're throwing pebbles at the enemy.

I had a blast with Chaos in Beta 1 and Beta 2. Now I can't seem to make them work.

I've tried lance-heavy fleets, macro heavy fleets - no change at all. Puny dps.

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So if Chaos carriers decide to close the distance... riiight 🦌

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Hi guys,

Since BETA1 I have been struggling with this match up. Bearing into account I make any balanced fleet (a couple of carriers, long distance boats, a 2-3 escorts, 2 LCs etc) I always lose. Today I saw 2 Desolators simply disappear in about 30-45 seconds. I always lose. Tau out-dps and seem to out-range me or have the same range.

  • I can always try running and securing 3 objectives but that is not always a possibility on the map.
  • Closing the distance seems to make it even worse.
  • The only thing that seems to work is the SPAM 6x Slaughterers list, but that's boring as hell.
  • I try to get the escorts first to win the scouting game, but they seem surprisingly durable, even to 2x Desolators firing.

It seems like easy gameplay for Tau - just mark and wait. Opponent should be dead in a minute.

Ps. How do Eldar deal with them?

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Yeah, both Dark Eldar and Craftworld Eldar feel surprisingly durable and resilient. Only Corsairs seem fragile. Feels strange.

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It's not depopulation. Hulking - does not equal killing 60-200k. It's killing key personel and destroying key areas/consoles etc. Honestly, the Night Lords trilogy by ADB really does this mechanic justice, and is one my favorite aspects of BFG2 when compared to BFG. If only we had some proper CSM vessels from the HH era 😞

This is a game, so some mechanics have to be streamlined. In addition, try out the new 'nextpatch_beta'. Maybe you will like it more.

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