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I'm on turn 70sth of Hard Imperial (not a speed run by any means). The game is incredibly easy (I'm lvl 8 and have 6+fleets).

  • Upgrade systems that give revenue (Hive Worlds etc) and shipyards,
  • add mines,
  • get battleplans in the battles that spawn them,
  • don't be hasty with story missions, they will reset the urgency bar. If everything is ok, simply build up your fleets and systems,
  • unfortunately the AI doesn't register AOE attacks. So if necessary, make a Nova Fleet and see it destroy anything in front of them. So far this is the campaign's biggest problem - damn AI making some fleets better than others.
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From my experience:

vs Admech I put reload stance and spread a little. After a couple of minutes of dodging most novas (usually let them hit with 1 and take it on the shields, while not running out of boost) the Admech players either leave, unable to cope with the kiting, or die to it. This usually worked with 2x Desolator + 2x Styx + 2x Infidel.

Oh and I don't use Emission Dissipaters in that list.

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Also a huge thanks to the Devs. This game is assymetric and really hard ot balance and you are doing a great job!

Plus you have really talented sculptors.

I hope that a Chaos campaign will come sooner or later 🙂

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It's not depopulation. Hulking - does not equal killing 60-200k. It's killing key personel and destroying key areas/consoles etc. Honestly, the Night Lords trilogy by ADB really does this mechanic justice, and is one my favorite aspects of BFG2 when compared to BFG. If only we had some proper CSM vessels from the HH era 😞

This is a game, so some mechanics have to be streamlined. In addition, try out the new 'nextpatch_beta'. Maybe you will like it more.

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  1. Space Marines and CSM in the Novels were able to board, escape the firing range, and just wait for the ship to be taken over. For instance, ADB's Throne of Lies. This needs to be present in the game, so I would wait what Tindalos have planned instead of reverting it to BFG1.

  2. I agree that an additional option of stopping Mutinies would be nice. The problem with execute is that it is only possible when the deck isn't crippled. I would also prefer if the ship decided an Emergency Warp instead, but it could influence the points system.

  3. I disagree. You need to control 3 points at most and the opponent needs to engage you. Use escorts, don't suicide them and spread your fleets. It's a long discussion, but you can checkout AirSickHydras video on YT about this topic. I think he gets it.

  4. I disagree. This could lead to certain fleets never seeing certain ships on the battlefield. I prefer trying to create all-round fleets, and balancing aspects of the game. I believe stopping ship SPAM and a Force Organisation chart (like in the Tabletop) would solve the issues much better.

  5. I agree. Also, switching the subfaction should still maintain your upgrades etc.

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I agree. Vs a bad DE player you can easilly win if you have a few escorts and don't suicide them. Vs a good one, your skill level doesn't matter 😉

I would also add Tau Carrier players to the list.

I still believe we need a good Force Organisation chart, like the tabletop.

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Do you plan on changing something with the AI so it escapes when the AOE attacks is placed on the map? At the moment they simply run into it or stay in place making these attacks really OP in the campaign. This is on Hard difficulty.

At the moment I regret taking Novas in my Imperial campaign 🙂 should've stuck with torps to make it a little more challenging.

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That's simply proposterous. You realize that would instantly create a meta A vs B. Each match almost exactly the same?

  • oh it's orks, I always use this.
  • oh it's chaos, I always use this.

If you want to kill a game then that's the way to go. Min-maxing kills the creativity.

All-rounders make interesting games. It's the same in most Tabletop games. Hell, I've seen so many systems die because of specific army lists vs specific factions. Including the original gothic. Oh you play eldar - np, I'll always field only Macro-ship, as Lances failed on a 2+ vs Holo.

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I still think it's a problem. Yesterday while watching AirSickHydra's stream he got frustrated by playing vs 7x SM LC spam.

That's just bad gameplay, some factions cannot do anything vs that list and that shouldn't be a possibility in any game (for instance necrons).

I hope the devs will think of some clever way to restrict Spam lists. I believe everyone one prefers to play against varied fleet lists and not 7 of the same type just to min/max.

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Yeah, both Dark Eldar and Craftworld Eldar feel surprisingly durable and resilient. Only Corsairs seem fragile. Feels strange.

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So I've tried 4x Styx today. Works only around 1/4 of the time.

6x Slaughter is the only build that seems to be working atm, including vs Tau and most Eldar. Still you cannot catch some and they simply outrange/dps you.

It's a pity, so many ships that only shoot pebbles. I loved the varied chaos fleets in BFG1, Beta1 and Beta2. Nothing seems to be working since release, at least for me.

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So if Chaos carriers decide to close the distance... riiight 🦌

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Are you telling me that, let's say Cruisers on All Ahead Full + brace, are slower than Chaos assaul boats?

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Tyranids destroy morale na eat everything by getting close and boarding.

Chaos does have better assault boats, but you cannot rely on them at all if the opponent uses Brace for Impact + AAF, and has any proper use of Fighters. That meta has passed since BETA1. No idea what you are talking about here.

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Hi guys, just wondering what are your lists.

So far the only list working for me is either 6x Slaughter + escorts SPAM, or the same with Acherons. And I hate spam. The rest, or any mixture of ships seems like just throwing pebbles.
When I win, I win sorely by objectives, but I cannot destroy anything (unless I use the damn Slaughters). The dps seems to pathetic when compared to the opposition (unless I face IN). Eldar (3x), Necrons, Tau (2x), outdps Chaos so bad is seems the ships are made of cardboard and we're throwing pebbles at the enemy.

I had a blast with Chaos in Beta 1 and Beta 2. Now I can't seem to make them work.

I've tried lance-heavy fleets, macro heavy fleets - no change at all. Puny dps.

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Protector I think, the 'forgeworld' one that had sculptors hired 😉 not the old one.

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Hi guys,

Since BETA1 I have been struggling with this match up. Bearing into account I make any balanced fleet (a couple of carriers, long distance boats, a 2-3 escorts, 2 LCs etc) I always lose. Today I saw 2 Desolators simply disappear in about 30-45 seconds. I always lose. Tau out-dps and seem to out-range me or have the same range.

  • I can always try running and securing 3 objectives but that is not always a possibility on the map.
  • Closing the distance seems to make it even worse.
  • The only thing that seems to work is the SPAM 6x Slaughterers list, but that's boring as hell.
  • I try to get the escorts first to win the scouting game, but they seem surprisingly durable, even to 2x Desolators firing.

It seems like easy gameplay for Tau - just mark and wait. Opponent should be dead in a minute.

Ps. How do Eldar deal with them?

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Found this fresh vid by ASH on youtube. Very useful for new players, or players struggling with Domination due to taking to many large ships.

Controlling Objectives by AirSickHydra

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That's right. That's why after 20 years of GW systems we switched to Corvus Belli's Infinity. Fantastic, and balanced system where the list doesn't win 😉

Great Vid LKHERO!

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We shall support!

BTW love the Campaign, you have really skilled Zbrush scultpors and fantastic cutscene artists!

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