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@jamodon said in Stealth - The current meta for 2v2:

it is very difficult for the non-stealth fleet to win if the stealthy one doesn't make mistakes

Thank you for agreeing with me. The bulk of your reply highlights the fact that a brawler fleet (in your number 2 scenario) suffers greatly and ends up spending the game chasing/flying in circles with slow ships. Not fun. This kind of game play is the very reason for this post, also take note that your paragraph on the "#2" scenario is the longest and encompasses the most amount of fleets. But regardless this is a huge range of benefits you just listed for ONE tactic. Can the same be said for brawlers/open ship combat in general? This all in my opinion is leading to stale game play which is the core I'm trying to address. Agree/disagree?

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@cowgomoo said in Hanger System Proposal:

increase ordnance speed

Boom, hit the nail on the head.

One other VERY EASY fix code wise is to do what they had in the first game for assault boats and some bombers. They launched with a very small wing of fighters that in effect helped to eat a few hits from turrets, or buy at least a little time for a actual fighter wing to come and help them

Could also just have them close distance at double speed when with in a certain short distance (after burn to target when close) to avoid kiting

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@fosil said in Stealth - The current meta for 2v2:

the advantage of stealth is mostly to get a good initial engagement

If this statement were true people would shift out of stealth, you rarely see that happen

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Just wanted to bump this thread as there has been no response and wanted to make sure Devs saw it

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I like the idea of tonnage changing cap times, makes a lot of sense. But I don't think this alone will solve the issue, but a good step for sure. I really like the idea to have a boost sensor state for heavy ships. The fact that it would require your bridge to use would make it counterable too. If the sensor boost could up your stealth detection range to your general scanning range that would be good. Or even just an admiral skill that ups the flag ships stealth detect radius.

The main focus though of everything I'm trying to get across is there should be a time and a place for all builds/ships, in the current state it does not feel like that is even remotely the case. Pretty sure 90% of players would agree that mid to high tier play totally revolves around stealth.

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TLDR? just look for bold

Stealth in its current state feels like it's pushing all 2v2 multi-player matches (at gold league and up) in to elusive frigate hunt matches. This current state and lack of other game modes or objectives is getting stale very fast.

If only one side picks a brawling fleet with some picket ships:
-They get picked apart. Deserved if you took no counter scouts. However, probes are a largely ineffective counter to stealth in the volumes you're dealing with, as are fighters for scouting. Only escorts can answer the hunt for escorts (and light cruisers) with their scan. So be a sitting duck and wait to lose. Not fun
-Maybe you kill the enemies line ships, spend a large amount of time hunting the last frigates and point swapping (sitting around). Even if you win or lose this way, the time spent chasing and sitting is not engaging. Not fun

If both sides pick stealth fleets:
-The match can take a very long time with no particular incentives or pay outs scaling to the increased length of match time. You spend time trying to scan each other, then either disengaging to get stealth back or trading pot shots with light weapons and small ships. You may win, you may lose, but it will definitely take a long ass time. Not Fun

If only your side picks a stealth fleet:
-Fire on sitting ducks while your ships don't even open them selves to return fire! Fun
-Spend a lot of time running. Not fun

What I'm getting at is due to the lack of game modes there is only one full proof meta, and its perma stealth. This could be very easily addressed in many many ways!
Keep in mind these are all just possibilities, I'm by no means suggesting all of these be done

Possible Fixes
-Stealth ships become visible for a few seconds after firing any weapon. Not just a silhouette you can't do anything to
-Limit Stealth duration
-Add new match types Like in the first game, you didn't know what game mode you would get so you needed a well rounded fleet. Stealth was not the best for all objective types (even though it was different back then, still applies).
-Make other counters to allow people to hunt this strategy, like allow bombers or boarding craft to be able to patrol an area like a cap point. This could keep lone escorts off for a limited time. Or simply rework the probe admiral skill to something more effective.
-Change the point value of ship kills. You get half its value, and the enemy loses points = to half its value. This means main fleet losses are as much a set back to your foes victory as it is a acceleration to your victory.
-Reduce the point gain rate of a team that has lost its admiral (make them more worth hunting?)
-Reduce the number of cap points from 5 to 3 (could make for less chasing after a main fight is resolved)
-Make escorts unable to cap
-Add an option to do death match (kill line ships)
-Line ships earn extra points for sitting on central cap point (king of the hill to force a fleet fight?)

Thoughts? Am I simply slipping into the madness of the warp or are other people noticing this too?

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Just kicking ideas around here. What if the stances on escorts were completely different.

-Brace for impact changed to Evasive maneuvers: no buff to turrets (they are not designed to fend off bomber swarms alone), instead they have a scaling chance to evade hits based on their movement (like holo field, but w/o lance immunity) this weakens there evade while capping as they would not be moving

-Silent running: changed to limit the ships max speed

-Power to weapons: an increase to weapon reload times and accuracy to make them some what viable in actual combat

-Reload stance changed to Capture stance: this stance would allow the escort to cap but it would have to be in this mode. the switch would mean a vulnerability while between modes