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any help would be appreciated Dev's

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Can't even click the I agree at the beginning of the game. There is something blocking the mouse from going below the text to the I agree button.

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Even with a tree of upgrades I still don't like how little some races are fleshed out and being only a month and a half from release scares me.

I wish the devs would comment in the forums and let us know what they are thinking

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doesn't mean they can change things for the PC game given BFG tabletop only got a short run before being abandoned. As for customization, I don't believe that is what killed the last game, it was balance and the stupid ship damaged after game that I believed killed it.

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Been playing the game a bit and have a few thoughts on some features/ lack of features and so on.

First most of the factions don't feel Fleshed out, simply put with the exception of the Imperium, Chaos, and Nids all of the other factions feel lacking. Most hard hit are the Necrons and Mechanicus. Consider merging the Tau fleets too with the Battleships from the merchant fleet changed to grand cruisers cause right now they are under-powered. The problem of fleet diversity is compounded by the next problem. It should not be hard to add new ships to the other factions, if you don't have ones that fit make some up.

Lack of diversity. Too many ships in the game are to alike. For the most part except for weapons all ships in a class of a given race have the exact same stats. Please devs change this up I want there to be more to choosing a a ship than its weapons. Again this problem is made worse by the next issue.

Lack of customization. Frankly the one part of the last game I liked most was the ability to customize your ships their captain skills and upgrades. Now both the skills and upgrades are fleetwide and this is a big mistake. You really have to have the ability to synergize the skills and upgrades with the ship or else all we are going to see in multiplayer fleets composed of the exact same ship class. Also the sub-factions have absolutely no effect on gameplay and that was something that was promised in the deb blogs so it better effect not just some modifiers but real differences like upgrade and skills choices and even ship classes available.

As you can see from the first three items in this post that a lot of the problems compound each other and unfortunately will kill the game if this is the release state. Frankly I'm returning my copy if these issues aren't fixed. Given the game was delayed 4 months I'm rather disappointed at the readiness of the game, this is what I expected the ALPHA to look like not the Beta with a month to go to release.

Below are some minor issues that I have discovered.
Eldar don't use lascannons, their called brightlances
Dark Eldar call their lances Darklances (did C.S. Goto write this?
the middle mouse to turn doesn't work and re0keying it doesn't work

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The last game was also delayed, and no it didnt help

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kinda pissed off that the devs do this at the last moment and dont even update their main website. Still says September. and given we dont even have a beta for us people that pre-ordered is sad.

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I love the idea of turn based multiplayer, its worked well for the Battletech PC game,

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Given some of the issues that the first game had such as balance, and multiplayer I think it would be a good idea to have the game developers conduct a Player based Alpha test to help them in shaping some of the game mechanics at a time when they can still be changed so as to not make the same mistakes as the first game. Having participated in several game Alphas I think that if they take those of us from the community who are willing to play the game at certain hours, be able to write reports and provide feedback the dev's could make a better game out of the gate rather than realize in beta or worse in release that the game mechanic might kill the game (such as the way multiplayer progress was handled in the first game)

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With BFG announced what are the top 3 things you want to see changed from the original? Mine are:

1.Mulitplayer that plays more like a deathmatch than a campaign (this is what killed the first game's multiplayer in my opinion)

2.More extensive navies for a more diverse gameplay experience.

3.A discount for those of us who paid for the first game since the devs seem to have abandoned it almost out of the gate.

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