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@rioku said in More time for abilities:

Protector, Fire Storm and other abilities you can use for 5 senconds.

Thats too short.

Should be at least 8 seconds

Not to mention that some of these abilities are far too short, namely Fire Storm because that ability is great for Assault Cannon and you waste a whole second getting it ready before it can start firing. And with how buggy this game is, sometimes the game doesn't even register that fire button and you waste about the entire buff and its gone. Certainly some abilities need to be longer than five seconds and some shouldn't even start until the first bullet fire for Firestorm's case.

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I prefer to keep square as my reload button. With that said, I prefer if the Devs gives us the ability to change our button layout. Give us our options to toggle and hold for sprint (Unpopular choice btw) and so forth. At least that way everyone can decide whatever layout they want without upsetting everyone else.

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It is certainly a issue. I'm only going to be light on criticizing the problems because it was just released for the PS4. I'm expecting a lot of these issues, mainly the matchmaking/joining to be fixed.

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@streumon-f8 Unfortunately, as I had gotten a USB drive to port the saved game file over. It is no longer there. Sadly I have no way to send it now. I guess I did something that had wiped my saved game files.

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@streumon-f8 Unfortunately I have no means to do that. Although I do hope someone who can if they also ran into this issue. So far as I am aware, this is happening in singleplayer only as I further played the game longer. I'll try to get the save file hopefully. If not, then I still would like to ask people with similar issues to do the same.

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Not sure what else to say. This is definitely game breaking. As far as I am aware, this is happening on Single Player in the second level, everything absolutely blacks out like it was going to start a cutscene, which I assume there is one when you reach the first objective to turn off the engines before attacking the nests, all of which that never comes up. The only way to bypass it is to die. Not fun. And this happens multiple times too, I managed to get out of it after dying the first time but then as you reach the first nest, it does it again. You're literally playing blind as everything still goes on. It is as permanent as it appears. I know this was rather recent release for the PS4 but this is pretty awful.

As for how to trigger this, I would only assume just playing the second level in Singleplayer and getting to your objective and activating it before you're told to destroy something. Not sure what else beyond that, it is consistent and happens every time I start the level from scratch.