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I created a team with the following name (thereabouts):

Whenever the game would be called to display this team name, it immediately crashes to desktop (several crash reports submitted). Clearly I shouldn't have been playing around.

Please could you delete this team from my profile, as I cannot access any of my teams - the game will immediately crash if I e.g. go to "Play in a league" or "Team/league management".

Please help, as I cannot meet my league commitments until this is resolved!

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After seeing a post on colouring in team names etc, I thought I'd play around with seeing if you could e.g. change the font to italics. I made a team with name "[font=]ddd" just to see if it would show, but as soon as it got to a screen where the name would show, the game instantly crashed to desktop.

I've loaded back in multiple times - as soon as I go to a screen where the team name would be displayed, it crashes to desktop.

I cannot do anything with any team I have, because the game always CTDs as soon as I go to "Play in a league" or "Team management".

Please can you delete the team [font=]ddd (or similar) from my account so I can play my league games? Thanks!

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