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i like that. there has already been something like that in earlier tdf where you could negotiate for the riders roles, dont know, why it got lost. but i found a bug on the last years version. when i signed with a young rider, suddenly he didnt get into the team in the next your and got free agent or stood in his development team and i ahd to resign in the next year. and a second bug where (even with higher budget) you couldnt increase the salary but only change the duration. i rly hope, you fixed many bugs and game problems (i already reported a few), that would be rly important and make the game much better (as i prefer playing singleplayer)

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i hope there will be less bugs than in the years before, cause there were to much and from year to year different bugs. and i hope that the races will be different from year to year too, cause the world championship never changed, so it was every year for the sprinters. like in the game from 2006 it was perfectly done, even after 4 or 5 seasons the races changed and i liked that but sadly that changed after

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