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@MarksmanMax That's a different issue - which should certainly be addressed. I'm actually a bit surprised they didn't get tweaked after the CTE.

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It's absolutely an Insurgent Adviser weapon.

But I wouldn't have a problem if Observers have it too. It might motivate people to play observers more, though it would probably just make people play Observer who then have no interest in actually playing as an Observer.

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A year has past since beta. It's only been six months since release.

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@Sgt-Kanyo Something I don't understand is how flight time works between the two systems. If firing past the hitscan range, does the bullet arrive at the end of the hitscan distance instantly, and then travel at its velocity from there? Does it wait 0.1 seconds at the end of the hitscan range and then fly? Is the entire flight path modeled in real time if the game thinks the shot will be longer than 0.1 seconds?

I can see any of these solutions causing strange behavior if you're firing at targets close to the transition point.

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@Sgt-Kanyo said in Increase weapon damage:

Bots and players are acting like nothing happened, when they get shot.

I agree this is a problem, but if weapon damage gets increased so that everyone just dies when they get shot, what's the point of wearing armor?

I think a better solution is adding stronger reactions to being hit, both for players and bots. I'm totally fine with someone not instantly dying if I shoot them in the pelvis or upper leg - that's even realistic - but I'd prefer they not be able to immediate sprint away, or even keep sprinting without skipping a beat.

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@Luri QBZ-03 is an Insurgent weapon, so it should compliment, not compete with, with the M-4 and G-36.

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Ummmm ... more players should make it easier to get placed into a matchmaking game...

Though, in co-op my wait times are always less than a minute.

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@Sgt-Kanyo said in Remove hit scan:

At that range the projectile velocity matters. I guess I'm still hoping that bots won't be able to hit me from 100-150 meters.

And at that distance, Sandstorm is using a ballistics system calculating both projectile flight time and a rudimentary bullet drop. The game only uses hitscan if the projectile flight time is under a tenth of a second.

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@Wolfram said in Abit disappointed in the types of AR's chosen for the last update:

I don't believe this game ever intended to reflect reality like that.

It did. Originally there was a planned story-driven campaign set in the Syrian civil war. So, to a point, there is a pretty specific location and time period the game is set in.

I have to say that I've rarely if ever seen the QBZ-03 or VHS-2 in the hands of middle eastern insurgents. I know the HK416, AUG, AWP, FN F2000 & FN P90 ALL have seen action there, much more than the QBZ-03 or VHS-2.

Are you speaking from personal experience, or second-hand? (To be clear: I have no first hand experience myself).

There aren't very many armies that use the P-90, of western forces that have deployed to Iraq or Syria only Australia, Belgium, and Canada operate the P-90 in any numbers, and only with small specialized units. Libya, Lebanon, and Saudi Arabia have also bought some, so it could also theoretically be found in equally small numbers with Insurgent forces. The F2000 is even more uncommon.

The Iraqi Army has 50,000+ VHS-2s, which I assume is why it's a Security weapon, while China is exporting the QBZ-03 to pretty much anyone willing to pay - which easily includes ISIS. A 2017 CAR report found that nearly half all ISIS's weapons were Chinese in origin. The bulk of these were Type 56s and Norinco CQs, but the QBZ-03 is certainly present.

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@Sgt-Kanyo The only shooter I'm aware of to implement an actually realistic ballistics system is ARMA (and that has its own whole host of problems). I've never played Battlefield, so I can't comment on that one. The Wildlands ballistics system is about as realistic as Sandstorm's; near as I can tell the projectile flies strait out of the barrel and then starts to drop by a set amount at a prescribed distance. The only difference is bullets in Wildlands fly agonizingly slow, while Sandstorm is instant for the first part of its flight. Honestly, I prefer the way Sandstorm does it to Wildlands.