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@marksmanmax said in Bolt-Action Rifles...:

Not sure if that's realistic, but if it is, I think it might be acceptable to throw realism out the window here in favor of game balance.

The Mosin has a strait bolt that rotates 90 degrees to unlock, putting it vertically right in line with and behind the rear sight. It's also a probem with optics, since the handle will hit any conventionally mounted scope. Scopes designed for the Mosin mount forward of the action and have long eye releif.

There is a literal hack job solution: cut the bolt handle off and weld it back on at an angle. It's kludgy though since the action and stock aren't designed for an angled bolt handle.

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Sandstorm doesn't have any sort of free look. Are you thinking of using it to aim?

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@zayzek said in The M16A2 needs to be buffed.:

@mainfold If the M16A2 has so many disadvantages to the M16A4, the M16A2 should at least get something thats better than on the M16A4.

The M16A4 is the 10 years newer version of the M16A2, if the new and improved model is worse than the old one in some way, that'd be a bit weird. Besides, one is for security the other is for insurgents, I don't see why they need to compete with each other.

Iron sights should be the same between them, there is no difference in real life. In game one is just using the long range aperture on the sights, intended for 300+ yard engagements, which is dumb since we don't shoot at those ranges in Sandstorm and they can't model the sight aperture correctly anyway.

Yes, the A2 model has shit options for optics. That's realistic. There's a handful of optics designed to mount to the carry handle, but they're super limited. It'd be interesting to see something like the Trigicon Reflex forward mounted sight in game, but they were never common and I don't know how they'd get in the hands of insurgents. There is a rail adapter for the carry handle that'll allow you to mount anything, and it works alright for 1x sights, but the super long HOB causes some pretty decent zeroing issues, especially with longer range magnified optics.

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Yah. To a point bolts will always be inferior if the game is going to maintain any amount of realism. The only place bolt actions rifles shine these days is long range precision shooting - which just isn't a factor in this game. But, I still agree with most points. The greased bolt upgrade should just go away, it makes no real sense, and all bolt animations should be sped up. And bolt guns and accessories need a supply cost reduction, they should always be cheaper than the equivalent semi-auto options.

@marksmanmax said in Bolt-Action Rifles...:

-> You can't cycle the bolt on a Mosin while holding your sights on-target, even though you can with the M24. I think the Mosin bolt-cycling should work just like the M24 works.

This is realistic. The shape of the Mosin bolt does not allow for the shooter to keep a sight picture while open. The 700 by comparison was designed specifically so that you could maintain a view through a scope while cycling the bolt.

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Weird, looks like a GUI bug for sure. Does doing it the fast way also heal you?

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Crazy, I've never noticed that.

To hazard a wild guess, based just on the screen grab, perhaps one empty mag is part of the reload animation (the one in the hand) while the other is the model that gets dropped on the ground spawning?

Do you notice two mags sitting on the ground after you've reloaded or just one?

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I'd love to see different weather and times of day in some maps. What would be cooler would be if weather and time of day was randomly selected on every map when you joined a game.

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The trucks had normal glass in alpha, it got changed because no one wanted to drive the trucks - it was completely suicidal.

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Yah, this is a weird one. Part of the solution is to just not be so close to cover in the first place. I see people with little tactical training do this all the time in real life before they learn to back off and work behind cover rather than on top of it.

But there's some odd video-game stuff going on. It's a lot more difficult to judge distance to cover on a monitor than it is in real life, so this can certainly happen even when trying not to. Also, if for whatever reason I was forced into a tight space with a rifle in a situation with an imminent threat, I'd never collapse the rifle muzzle up like the game does. I'd rotate the rifle on it's side and pull the stock over my shoulder so I could still fire at a threat.

@marksmanmax said in Strange ADS Animation:

I mean, the issue here is that re-ADSing is faster than trying to recover from ramming your gun into a wall by accident.

Yah, that's certainly a technical issue. It shouldn't be faster to un-aim and then aim again that it is to simply recover the rifle.

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Yup, this badly needs to happen.

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