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I've been tossing this idea around in my head for a while, and I think it could help with some of the weird choices that need to be made in loadouts, and make things more flexible.

Remove the "heavy carrier" and "light carrier" options completely. Instead of only two options for a possible load-out, add primary, secondary, and GL ammo as selectable loadout options in addition to other items. This would basically allow you to build your "vest" out however you want.

The UI could look a lot like the current weapon and accessories one. Open up a "Vest" option like you would a firearm, select the level of protection (Heavy, Light, None), and then equip pouches to it. This would let you choose the number of primary and secondary magazines to carry, and balance it with launcher ammo and grenades. It would allow players to choose to carry more launcher ammo or grenades at the expense of ammo.

It could also help balance some weird choices with ammo that isn't a standard magazine. For example a 1-point primary ammo pouch may hold 2 standard magazines but only one drum magazine.

The primary problem I see with this is adding too much complexity to the loadout screen, and adding more time to people getting ready before the match starts.

As a bonus, the system could pretty easy be used to display customized vest layouts for players reflecting what they have chosen to carry. That would be pretty cool.

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@winter_cat ... Skirt? Seriously? In a combat zone?

If you want to know if you killed someone find the body.

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@skillet said in Make empty magazine more realistic:

Currently, you fire your last round and, when you next click the fire button, you hear the hammer fall on the firing pin with a "click." So far, so good--that's how it is.

Technically, that much isn't even accurate. Any weapon which locks the bolt open on an empty magazine (ARs, SCAR, FAL, G-36, all pistols) won't even allow the hammer to fall when the bolt is locked open and out of battery. If you try to pull the trigger with the bolt open the trigger either won't move or will be mush, depending on the trigger system.

This is something where I think the audio cues make perfect sense for this being a computer game. The game needs a way to communicate to the player the weapon is empty. Yes, it's not realistic, but in a game we can't tell that the trigger response has changed - our mouse button still clicks like it always does. We have no way to feel a different recoil impulse for a locking bolt, and we can't check the ejection port in a split second. We need some other cue that the weapon is dry.

And to be super super technical, most AR triggers do make a clicking sound repeatedly if you press the trigger on an open bolt. It's just not the hammer falling and it isn't very loud.

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Realistically: sure, both the 30mm cannon and rockets will totally penetrate nearly any building in the game. Targeting a person in a building would be a lot more difficult though.

Gameplay: it's annoying not knowing if you're someplace safe from a gunship. The paradigm of inside = safe, outside = danger is simple and easy to understand. Right now I can't tell if there's some kind of wall thickness calculation going on to determine if I die or it's just a bug. There doesn't seem to be a lot of consistency. When the player can't understand the mechanic killing them, it's a gameplay problem.

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I've posted about a few of these before, but I'd like to make one list of the various weapon and mechanics errors I've spotted in the game. Most of these are pretty minor, though in some cases that's exactly why they bother me. Sandstorm has, by far, the best weapon handling in any game I've ever played. It's awesome, but to me it does make the small errors that remain stick out all the more.

The normal reload from empty is correct, with the locked-back bolt being released with the charging handle. The speed reload from empty uses some other mechanism to release the bolt though, and I'm not sure what. On a stock rifle, there is no other option to release the bolt. There is an aftermarket part that replaces the bolt locking button inside the trigger guard with a catch that allows releasing the bolt with the trigger finger, I'm not sure that it's a popular accessory and it seems weird for it to be on a rifle in game and only used in one reload animation.

I'm not aware of any extended magazines actually in existence for the G-36, so some alternative would be nice.

The speed reload as depicted is not physically possible. The arrangement of the magazine, magazine release paddle, and trigger guard make it impossible to actuate the magazine release with another magazine. The speed reload should be changed to look more like the G-36 reload where the magazine is released and cleared with the support hand thumb.

It would also be nice to see the optic rail removed when not mounting an optic, just like how the AK series does not always have a dovetail rail mounted to it.

M-4 and M-16 with M-203
I like the little variation on the reload when you have the GL attached. One slight problem: it's generally discouraged to use an open-hand slap to hit the bolt release. The palm of the hand is concave, and it's totally possible to slap the shit out of the side of the rifle and not release the bolt because the bolt release paddle ended up right in the center of the palm and didn't get pushed far enough. It's acceptable to use the meat of the thumb to hit it, this puts the support hand in a good possession to run forward after the reload, and this might be what happens in the reload animation, but it's hard to tell. A better option is using a closed 'hammer" fist to hit the bolt release, and this is closer to what is trained in the Army.

M-4 and M-16 with drum mag
This isn't technically an error, but why use the charging handle when reloading with a drum mag? It'll work, but it's slower and a bit awkward since with the bolt locked back there is no resistance on the charging handle until it engages the bolt carrier. Is it because there are reports of the bolt not locking back correctly after the last shot with some drums?

The MP-7 uses a unique style of flip-up iron sight that resembles a pistol sight when folded down, but flips up to resemble something a lot more like traditional rifle flip-up sights. When running the gun with only irons your character uses it with the sights left down, which is not ideal. Why not have them flip up like every other weapon with flip-up sights?

The standard OKP-7 cannot be mounted to the AKSU. The AKSU uses a different rear sight assembly which impacts the OKP-7's dovetail mount. It could probobly mount the railed version of the sight using a doevetail mount adapter though, just like how the EOTech and Aimpoint are mounted.

This is a 1x sight in reality, but I guess since it's a collimator making it 1.5X kinda makes sense in a game. More annoying - the reticule should be a non-illuminated black etched circle with a red-illuminated black etched dot in the center. Right now it mostly resembles the EOTech reticule, which is wrong. The PK-AS reticule should be perfectly sharp, not slightly fuzzy like the EOTech.

Staged Reloading
Any weapon what has a bolt or slide that locks open following the last shot, which means most of the rifles and all of the pistols, has a staged reloading issue: eject the magazine, then sprint or switch weapons, then come back to that weapon. It will have no magazine and a round in the chamber. You can fire a single shot with the weapon in that condition, the one that was left in the chamber, which is correct. But then the weapon will lock open as is typical for the empty weapon animation. This is not correct - any weapon which locks open after the last shot does so with a mechanism that is actuated by the follower in the magazine. Without a magazine, the weapon will cycle and close the breech on an empty chamber. Reloading from this state requires inserting a magazine, then manually cycling the weapon, which probobly means a new animation for these weapons. Luckily this is pretty close to the first-load animations, so it might be a pretty easy animation to add?

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Agree completely. I was just grumbling today how I was hitting enemies in the pelvis and upper legs and they just kept running into the objective I was defending.

I like @prevent 's solution, it's simple and sounds like it would be effective without needing to go too in depth modeling a new mechanic.

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Soldiers don't train for super fast reloads. They also carry magazines in a very different way than competition shooters who layout their gear specifically for speed. Military training emphasizes reloading from safety and using teamwork to cover reloading soldiers - this is why you call your reloads to your teammates.

Making YouTube videos on a one-way range is the best possible situation for reloading. In real life, in the field, it's not that fast. From my experience reloading from military gear under (simulated) fire, the speeds are spot on.

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Bump fire stocks are dangerous, as they can cause a user to unintentionally fire more rounds than they wanted. I'm not aware of them being used by any military or security force anywhere. And since we have access to full auto weapons, it makes bump-firing even more silly.

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I'd love to see flashlights back in the game. Flares certainly aren't needed right now, but I hope we'll see night maps added again at some point.

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I'd also love to see more options for voices and character faces. I think this is coming, once the main mechanics of the game are a bit better ironed out.

@trashbandicoot said in Simple additions for added immersion.:

The reloads in this game are atrocious. I've instructed teenage girls who after a day of training and practice pulled off a tactical reload faster than the snails in this game.

A decent number of people complain about the reload speeds in the game and say they can easily do better. I'd love to see a video or I don't buy it. Reload speeds in this game are waaaay more realistic than in most computer games.

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They were removed because people were getting killed at respawn before their weapons were ready and they were defenseless.

I don't see a problem with keeping them in at the beginning of the match though, I kinda miss them there.

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I don't understand how character weight has anything to do with recoil. It shouldn't.

Heavier GUNS tend to have lower felt recoil, since the recoil impulse has more mass to act against. But once that force is translated to the body controlling recoil is all about body mechanics and stance.

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@cyb3rx said in Weapon Requests !!:

M18A1 Claymore -> proximity detection

I don't mean to always be the "realism!" grump, but it doesn't really exist. Claymores are designed to be detonated manually with a clacker. It's the only official method for detonating them. Closest you can get to a proximity detonator in real life is a trip wire, there are plenty of unofficial ways to rig these up but the Army is careful about documenting them, as doing so technically violates landmine conventions the US is a signatory to.

That said, I totally recognize that realism sometimes needs to take a back seat to game play. In real life the Claymore is designed to be emplaced in a prepared defensive position and detonated to cause mass casualties to groups of attacking soldiers. In Sandstorm they'd work a lot like the C4 charges demo specialists already get, which could be cool, but magical "laser" proximity fuses seem to just be better for gameplay much of the time.

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Yah. To a point bolts will always be inferior if the game is going to maintain any amount of realism. The only place bolt actions rifles shine these days is long range precision shooting - which just isn't a factor in this game. But, I still agree with most points. The greased bolt upgrade should just go away, it makes no real sense, and all bolt animations should be sped up. And bolt guns and accessories need a supply cost reduction, they should always be cheaper than the equivalent semi-auto options.

@marksmanmax said in Bolt-Action Rifles...:

-> You can't cycle the bolt on a Mosin while holding your sights on-target, even though you can with the M24. I think the Mosin bolt-cycling should work just like the M24 works.

This is realistic. The shape of the Mosin bolt does not allow for the shooter to keep a sight picture while open. The 700 by comparison was designed specifically so that you could maintain a view through a scope while cycling the bolt.

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@slimsadist said in Flippable 2X Red dot & Holographic sights:

why make it cost extra? the 2x should already have an attachment to just flip it out of the way so you can use whatever sight is already there

Not all magnifiers are always on FTS mounts. It's possible to mount a magnifier with a normal fixed scope mount. Maybe the existing magnified red-dots can stay as they are and add a more expensive version with a FTS mount for balance?

It'd also be cool to see switchable magnification on the Specter, which would help distinguish it from the ACOG more.

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If you're close enough you'll hear the bullet hit them, see blood spray out, and maybe hear them make horrible sounds as they die. You know, like real life.

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Sliding is fairly realistic. I've slid into cover before several times when running to cross a large area. It's fine on dirt, sand, or gravel, and I've done it on concrete with knee pads.

That said, I agree in part with @Snuffeldjuret - you should not be able to slide faster than you can sprint. Right now sliding feels a bit like driving over an accelerator pad in Mario Kart. You should start slowing down from sprinting speed as soon as you hit the crouch button, not warp-slide into the cover.

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@boocheus said in If you think that micro transactions are not a big deal..:

You are looking out for a company that will never look out for you.

How do you know? If they use the money to help fund additional maps, weapons, and other content for the game isn't that looking out for us? Isn't that a benefit? Why do you assume the worst?

One purchase is all they need.

How do you know? Do you know their financial situation? Do you know their business plan? Do you even know how much they plan to charge for cosmetics?

Right now the game costs less than half what most new shooters cost these days, plus I got a discount for owning the previous game (seems like looking out for players to me). If they wan't to make a little more money in a way that does not effect game play at all, I'm not going to complain.

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Because a 7.62mm projectile fired out of a bolt action rifle does more damage than the exact same bullet fired out of a semi-auto rifle?

Sniper rifles right now can kill in one shot if it's a head shot. Shot placement matters. No sniper rifle in the world can instantly kill someone by shooting them in the arm.

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