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I think it's time, to have Cya or Focus or whoever, to make a guide to how the attributes effect the game, both in 3D, Sim and AI. Have found some stuff about PCM13 from a guy who tested alot, but at that time, there was something with the RES stat being absolute useless, and noone ever really knew how the FTR stat worked and stuff like that. Surely something must've changed in the last couple of years, and it would be nice to have som actual numbers on when PRL and TTR stats shift, when the FLA stat is used, and does ACC do anything on hills? I also read that in Paris-Roubaix the COB stat influenced more inbetween sectors, than FLA. I'm thinking mostly for the DB makers out there, but also in general, when using Pro Cyclist mode f.ex. And what is the reason for the FTR stat not being able to develop, when it for most cyclist, other than the Baroudeur starts pretty low?
I think it should be composed with the release of PCM18 at least.

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