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+1. The whole leaderbord table could really use some filtering options.

In the case someone doesnt know:
U can find ur own team(s) with the surch-option. i just recently noticed this

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That would be really nice!
Big events like this could really make the game more famous, thus making the player base bigger.
And at some point there would sponsors and more money on the line.
That would be super great.

Allthough I am a part of the comunity for only 2 years, I have the vision that this game could be bigger.
I really hope that we as a comunity and focus can do that in the future.

Madfrog 🙂

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I just had a very frustrating experience in champ ladder:

-My Opponent conceded, cause I stomped him massivly.
-During the phase, when the game ends, but before the "after-game-Screen" appears, there was the massage, that my opponent lost his connection.
-Then the "after-game-Screen" appears with the message, that I lost my connection.
-The message disappeard and I saw the "after-game-Screen" . But it was treated as a friendly match!
-In the record/chronik of my team, the game is not even listed!
(and its not in cabal-TV either...)
So I got no MVPs, no money and I cant even see the match again.
And no SPP from the game itself, which is super-anoying, cause I made a ton.

Ladder: Champ ladder season 10
coach: Madfrog
My team: Avel0rn Avengers
Enemy: dunno the name. Race: Norse
date: 25.10.17
time: around 8:30 UTC

It is possible to get the game back and reward my winnings?

And more important: I hope this does not occur often. Would be horrific if a lot of players got screwd like that.

Please have a look on this.
Thanks in advance and greetings,

Madfrog 😞

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you mean oct the 17th, right? 🙂

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Hey guys,

Do you already know when season 9 ends this week?
Would be nice to know early to plan for the qualification.
Thx and greets,

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Cool, never heard about the BB2 League manager site.
Seems kinda useful.
Is here a thread in the forum about this?


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ok. But it felt really weird.
You are sure, that its allowed to work this way?

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Hi there,

I just faced a pretty weird bug with the kick skill:

I playded the 1300TV pre-assembled Vampire team, which has a kick thrall, VS the 1300 Kislev team.

When my kick dude kicks the ball, first I have the normal smaller scatter-template-animation.
I clicked on the intended square.
But then there popped a question like "choose the square where you want to put the ball" and on the screen appeared three squares on the field with a white circle. Two of them on a completely different area on the pitch. I clicked the furthest square and indeed, the ball landed there!

I am really confused.

Pls have a look on this and greetings,


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Wow, all the three new teams look AMAZING!! 😘😘😘

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