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"On the Darkest night they come, the skywarriors of Fenris"

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Well iam GamerCEO streamer, enjoying the games, big warhammer fan..Lore buff..
I hate trolls and people who have no other things in life than to spat on other peoples work..
Do it yourself if you can do better..

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  1. Did someone put a gun on your head to buy at that price ? No..Trolsky
    2.This is a totally different edition ENHANCED launch was as good as it gets..AAA games XD have launch issues look at wow...weirdo..and it costs 50$
    3.They don't compensate anything ,you compensate your bad life with with your rant here..
    without a valid reason..Keyboard warrior i salute you..
    4.Seriously..you should find another game or occupation..
    its only you doing this here.. 😛 pathetic
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No your mind is abandoned.. 😛 and i did ask you...what do you expect from a finished game..its not alpha or beta.. 😛 come on man..whats yout que with this BS..go live a little..Trolls need love to

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Well you should have read all the posts, not just go with the first post...from the most archaic troll here! Game is everything but abandoned. I have a very short ques..and responses here work. So basically..What abandoned means for you..do you mean future DLC..? They will come..you got some for free...yes free..
People are to used to sandbox games and constant updates..this is a polished finished game..i don't have any issues or hiccups...If you do..check your specs..P.S What else would you want in this game? what work..?

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Well if your ready to pay for DLC... 🙂 then you can demand...you really don't know how companies work do you..They sold you a product, gave you some free things with it...what do you want..indefinite gratis?
Wow..Thats not how world works..sorry

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Iam not the Author of this comment..
I was just Laughing so hard..that i need to share it here!!
I sign this any day!! 🙂 Eldar goddess part..you little Sh**s
haha 🙂
2.5 hrs last two weeks / 2.5 hrs on record
Posted: 7 Jan @ 11:46pm

I don't understand why this game has so many negative reviews. Warhammer nerds are some of the whiniest little ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥s out there.

The game has everything I expected it to have. Spoopy corridors ands lots of Tyranids to shoot along with some basic squad based strategy as well. It's basically like Space Hulk on the Sega Saturn but better, yet all you nerds keep saying it's "disappointing".

What were you expecting to happen? Did you think an Eldar goddess was going to materialize in your room and suck you off while you played? Did yout hink it came with an actual suit of Space Marine armor? Seriously, what were you expecting from this game that makes you resent it so much?

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I own a OCULUS RIFT and i was curious is there a way maybe to connect it to your game?
A terminator in VR emperor will that would be exciting to feel and to experience..
So if any idea how to, please let me know..o BTW..trolls don't bother..i love the game..!😱

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Been playing warhammer tabletop since youth.. to be honest chain swords are rare XD depended on the class..

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You did no such thing..youve been trolling here for months XD Have fun buddy...

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Wow...3 trolls making multi posts wow 🙂 Good job buddies you know how to troll alright..
I love the game, especially the DLCs..

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Game is everything but abandoned, but its nice to see that trolls haven't abandoned the forums! 🤗 😄 😈

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