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The screen flickered when a 2 heads rotter dodged through a sucessful diving tackle square. The screen flickered back allowing a reroll which succeeded then stopped the player midway through the blitz. Clicking on the player to continue the blitz caused a further crash out to blank black screen. Reloading from the Xbox Home menu allowed a reconnect but although the time counter restarted as if reconnected for the other player the crasher was hung in the loading screen with the loading ball spinning in the corner.

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Paying to heal injuries after still massively benefits Bash teams for the reasons said above. No Wood Elf team is floating £150k plus because they have to spend it on replacement players. Only Bash teams float loads of cash.

Fouling CLAWPOMB players to death is the best way to get even but pointless if they can then save themselves later.

I don't think it should be changed but you could consider a balance between bash and dash is better implemented through SSPs and what you get them for. Throwing the ball is almost pointless for some teams but others it might help to compensate for their bashlessness if the SSPs were more than 1. Say 2 for the thrower and 1 for the catcher.

This though is again problematic as it feeds free points in those turns where nothing is happening except a throw in the backfield.

SSPs favour killing and injuries as they are almost as valuable as TDs so teams maxing those skills that harvest SSPs for injuries out skill those that pass and score on the ladders (also because they are killing the pass score team!)

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Last night I scored in turn 8 and the Pause showed. Ok I thought went afk and came back still paused. When I cancelled the pause the screen went black the starting new half music and Bob babbling came on but slowly faded into the distance until just a black screen and no sound to be heard. The Xbox menu would open and I could go to home page and back to a black screen. I got already earned SSP and a concede (although open ladder)

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