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Extensive knowledge of guns comes at a cost.. to the point of it ruining movies and shows for me

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@sgt-kanyo With the .50 AE example you're moving into kinetic energy calculations, you're trying to twist an argument into having weight but you don't even know the physics for why it deals the damage it does.. smdh

Ek = 1/2 mv^2

A .50 AE is a heavy projectile (high mass) moving at a relatively high velocity but not rifle-velocity because of the short barrels of the Desert Eagle (that's often the ones used for the measurements of it) but it is such a heavy round that it still has between 1900 to 2200+ joules of energy. That's almost double that of a 5.56x45mm NATO.. so you should be able to understand exactly why that is such a "heavy hitter" for PRETTY OBVIOUS REASONS.

The .50cal rifles (Barrett M82 & Zijiang M99, one being .50BMG/12.7x99mm and the other firing the Russian 12.7x108mm) have rounds moving in the range of 800-900m/s with kinetic energy ranging from 16-20KJ, not even remotely comparable.. There is zero chance IW releases them doing "gracing" hits...

The way you try to argue makes it seem like you're not particularly familiar with ballistics nor physics in general. Do you call yourself "Sgt." just because you like the sound of it?
Some of us on here have actually served and used a plethora of the weapons in the game, and have countless rounds fired in each of them.... but I don't expect everyone to have in-depth knowledge about firearms or have served (or even have much knowledge about firearms even if they HAVE served), but if you're going to try to be a smart-ass..... at least just google some basics about ballistics.

I tried to simplify it so people could get the gist of it without having to know a vast amount about the topic, but you just had to come and be snarky..


@turyl Yeah the long over due implementation of AP rounds for it was needed, and makes it feel a bit more "right" now


@marksmanmax A 12gauge slug has equal or greater energy than a 7.62x51mm/.308 (usually close to 50% more), and you wonder why it can more effectively kill than a .308? lol
Glock 17 doesn't have better velocity than the MP5's, it has lower, but some pistols (like the P226) have different twist-rates etc, and get better velocities, but you have to remember one thing when it comes to pistol-calibers... a LOT of the problems with it is, the ammo is often optimized for pistol use and not carbine use, so it's a high burn-rate powder that is meant to burn up completely before exiting a pistol-barrel, and when you then put it into a longer barrel it might underperform velocity-wise (but it varries). Granted, they seemed to have used SIG's numbers for the P226/L106A1 for upper limit to velocity when using +P ammo in it, as the standard velocity for some reason (whereas SIG lists it as upper limit for safe ammo lol), but the MP5 for instance loses some velocity due to it's heavier mechanism it has to move when also being "blockback"-recoil driven, whereas a gas-operated pistol-caliber carbine would have more velocity usually. The numbers are still technically "correct", just them choosing the P226's ammo will be +P ammo.. and your point about "as all the powder burns", well it doesn't on the SCAR-H for instance, round leaves the barrel before then, so its short barrel lands the round's velocity at that of the AKM by the time both have had their projectiles leave the barrel, those are the very same numbers as they have in real life. You can probably google it and see it being the case. It makes perfect sense they have the same penetration when they have the same projectile moving at the same speed.. that's literally how it works.
Things are working as they should.. your OPINION being that it should be performing better doesn't detract from it working as it does in real life and that's why it's based on the numbers they use. The reason I go to the L86 is the velocity and control, amazing hipfire allowing for use of a magnified optic always etc.

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@turyl said in BUFF 7.62x39 and 5.56 DON'T nerf anything:

What i'm saying is there is a clear meta

Have you considered trying to meta-break and use velocity-variating weaponry of the same calibers you complain about? Maybe some other that use bullet-hosing to compensate? L86 is probably my go-to for 5.56x45mm overall (940m/s speed, so it really does the job well), MP7 is a nice "bullet-hose" with AP rounds if you're struggling, but the current "go-to meta" is the SVD.

But remember, there are new guns coming right around the corner that they have already announced are in the works, so don't fret, just wait until they come.. also, .50cal rifles are coming, lol can't wait for the 50 meta sigh

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@whitby Probably just unaware, possibly too used to CoD or Battlefield games

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This keeps coming up, so I almost can't be bothered to have to write all the freaking essays of explanations just so people will understand WHY things are as they are, but I'll try to make it short and simple so you maybe get it.

  • The weapon damage in the game is 100% working as intended and based on physics. Don't argue with it.

  • The velocities of different weapons are based on what they have in real life. Don't argue with it.

  • The damage is based on projectile type (size/weight/mass/material/etc) combined with velocity. Don't argue with that either.

If two different guns have the same projectile (and caliber), but in different rounds (i.e; 7.62x39mm and 7.62x51mm, they both have the same "pill" aka projectile), but they move at different speeds because of the powder differences in the different rounds allow for higher velocity in theory... but the barrel-length of the firearms put them at the same velocity....

..then the projectile fired out of the gun chambered in 7.62x51mm will behave identical to the one out of the one chambered in 7.62x39mm, but the one in 7.62x51mm will still have more powder that gets ignited but not able to burn it up quickly enough before the projectile leaves the barrel..... then that extra powder will just net you more recoil instead, but have the same ballistics as the 7.62x39mm once in flight.

Look at the velocities. AKM & SCAR-H have roughly the same velocity, and same same projectiles in the casings. Meaning the SCAR-H will "underperform" ballistically compared to other 7.62x51mm chambered firearms with longer barrels and higher velocities.

All the ballistic performances of weapons in the game are working as intended. Do not argue with it. They don't need buffs, nerfs..
The only time you can start to complain, is when it comes to things not performing as they should..
For instance, if one gun fires 5.56x45mm NATO normal ammo, another fires 5.56x45mm NATO Armor Piercing ammo but both have the same velocity.. and the normal (non-AP) 5.56 one penetrates more than the armor piercing one (as you can see by the "PP"-stat, which is pilodyn penetration - a density & penetration standard), then there is a problem.

Velocity, material, mass, etc, are taken into account for pilodyn penetration.
If the PP is higher, then it'll penetrate better, if penetration is no problem, it's just down to pure damage on target from the physics of the impact (and round-type varying the hydrostatic pressure & cavitation ability on flesh).

Damage and such is working as intended, you're just not used to it because you're used to other video games that don't do it right.

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@divine-heroine It's only perceived speed, it looks like you're going faster if you have very high FOV, but you're not actually going faster, and it you put it really low it looks slower
For reference:
Youtube Video

@gsg_9_lightning What are you basing the speed being unrealistic on? Your average moderately in shape person can outrun the characters in the game in real life, if anything.. I'd argue rather that there needs to be more momentum and "weight" to the movement, so if you are running fast with a heavy loadout (even though you run slower in Sandstorm the more weight you carry) it would take you longer to stop and you'd have limited turn-radius&speed going around corners etc..

Btw, in the game you don't have helmet, knee & elbow protectors, your plate carrier is just your plate carrier (with some crotch-protection for the heavy one), you have a relatively light amount of ammo with a total 6+1 primary mag setup & 2+1 pistol (standard military LBE amounts) etc.. I have during service myself ran with full kit for 3km holding a steady 12km/h.. it's not unrealistic to be able to do that obviously... but Sandstorm has penalty for running for prolonged periods of time, in that you get tired and your aim and recoil control is all over the place when you go to shoot after running.

You HAVE TO REMEMBER the speeds vary depending on loadouts, so if a bot has a light loadout without almost anything, it WILL run faster than a full-on heavy loadout, there are already balancing measures in place for this.. the problem I'd argue would rather be that the bots tend to sponge more shots than they should for the loadouts they have, as it quite clearly is a bot with a light loadout and even often without anything other than a gun equipped and it still takes shots as if it has heavy armor on. (networking issues, server-side prioritizing the bots prior to players, so bots without the armor to survive multiple hits get hits not registering as they should and making it seem like they have armor on etc, same problem "BF":Hardline had etc).

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@gsg_9_lightning said in Mod Ideas board:

the sprinting speed of the characters and bots are decreased

but.... it's not unrealistically fast. You using very high FOV?

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@hoak said in [Suggestion] Coop Racing & Score Whoring:

@mainfold said in [Suggestion] Coop Racing & Score Whoring:

I came here because I was hoping someone was suggesting making a racing mode like mariokart for Sandstorm... I was disappointed

Aren't you the guy that's getting kicked and banned from servers for doing that already via lag-switching? Great troll post though thanks for the bump, I'm sure everyone just can't stop laughing

More on topic, it has always seemed that realism fans attracted to Insurgency liked the game for it's more realistic tempo, that it wasn't like COD, with increscent rushing run-&-gun...

I'm afraid you have the wrong person, not been banned, kicked nor done any such thing. Apologies if the issue is a rampant problem, never encountered it myself (yet). I'm always a PTFO kind of player, not a stat-padder or anything of the sort.

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I came here because I was hoping someone was suggesting making a racing mode like mariokart for Sandstorm... I was disappointed

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@divine-heroine said in The Great Fantastical Thread of Magical Map-ideas & concepts!:

More training maps such as ones you see in CSGO which challenge your aim. More advanced than the range map in Sand.

Oh good idea

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I'd argue that only the gunner class should have a "dive"

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