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At times I have too much knowledge of guns.. to the point of it ruining movies and shows for me lol

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@elliotgraytho until microsoft learn that they need to segment the versions and not have the XBone version and PC version being one and the same, it's gonna remain a difficult tool to optimize (when it's gotta have the bottom-end support for the api of two different platforms in one).

I wish they'd just fleshed out dx12 for PC only first and then adapted it for their console, but oh well, dx11.1 (or rather the dx11 with the dx11.1 sdk partch for windows 7 specifically) still runs the best

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Ever since the very first days of the mod, it's been at the forefront of immersive combat action, and keeps on excelling where other FPS games go "it's too performance demanding" etc, and then they prove it wrong, and oh boy how they prove them wrong too, like with the magnified optics, so many games claim it to be too hard to implement, then insurgency comes along and does it flawlessly LOL

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@sovietspaghetti But DX12 runs pretty terribly still, so why even do the work for it?

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@vincenthorgan seems unlikely, as there's a lot more work required for such, especially when it comes to builds/updates

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I think detail like this really makes a shooter immersive and truly fantastic! But you guys failed a tad with the reload.. The slide won't lock back without the magazine in pushing up on the slide-lock unless the user was holding it up.

It would merely cycle the action normally, round fires, slide moves back to pick up another round, slide closes as there is no magazine in the magwell to a) strip a round from and b) push up so it can lock it open if there is no round. The next pull of the trigger would cause the hammer to fall on an empty chamber, and you'd have to rack it again once next magazine is put in.

Outside of that minor (yet kind of major) thing, it looks excellent.

edit; I just got far enough in the recent update post and saw you guys are aware of it xD

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