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At times I have too much knowledge of guns.. to the point of it ruining movies and shows for me lol

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So as of late, the bots on the technicals using the .50 cal... have been more or less ignoring that they have no line of sight on player.

  • Smoke they see right through
  • Walls they see right through and just "blindfire" at players they have no way of seeing

It's pretty ridiculous to have them first of all instantly snap onto a target and kill with the first shot of the slavo, but them doing it through smoke and through walls & cover is just beyond broken, multiple layers of factors that should prevent them from seeing the player in the first place.. on top of an accuracy with the .50 most players can't even replicate on a good day

Needs a fix in the first upcoming patch, because it's getting pretty silly at this point

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The place they excel is where the semi-autos do not, but also the point of them isn't to be 1:1 competitive with semi-autos... just like in real life.
If you're a very skilled player, you will favor using the M16 with the long-range optic on obviously, but there are distinct benefits to the bolt-action rifles as they get armor piercing ammo (and THAT is what they explicitly excel at) which allows them to not only reach out and touch, but also increased penetration on what would otherwise be cover with non-AP ones.
As far as what they perform like with controls etc, the Mosin Nagant has a case of it needing to be a bit "less friendly" in use, as more classes than the marksman class get it, but that doesn't mean it couldn't get animations being more in line with rational use of it (i.e; if they're going to have that whole animation of stopping ADS to cycle the bolt, it might as well be much quicker).

Bolt-actions fit into a niche, but they could always give them additional customization options to make them have more appeal (like maybe giving them in-line mounted NV optic attachments when night & NVG gameplay comes along, but not give it to semi-autos, so you'd have day-optics only on the others or maybe have it be cheaper for the bolt-action ones). Plenty of ways to make them more appealing eventually.

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Since you don't seem to be getting the basic concept of why the A2 is the way the A2 is, it's going to be hard to make you understand why the devs have put it in with only long-range optics if you can't even grasp it being supposed to be a side-grade option for the Insurgents that desire its specific function.

Do not pick it if you want something dynamic and versatile, you can pick the AK's for that, or if you want something that has more punch, there's the FAL and the G3 etc, you have other options if you don't think the M16A2 works for your use, so then stop using it.

Insurgents have options that are both cheap and arguably the best guns in the game overall, so the M16A2 isn't supposed to be your "go-to" weapon for close quarters or even close-to-mid range. It has two distinctly popular uses in the game:

  • For long-range engagements
  • As a "throwaway" weapon you pick just so you get the magazines in your loadout and can just pick up a kitted out M4 from someone that died

This allows you to use the supply points for other things, rather than kitting out the A2 if you think it's not satisfactory (even though it's really freaking good at range when used in a DMR type of role, extremely good for tracking running targets at range), so regardless of opinion on the matter, the M16A2 is working as intended.
Sure, the devs could give it something like carryhandle-mounted rail and then optics on top of that, but they'd then have to design around the increased centerline shifts and account for even more factors like line-of-aim and barrel-line for obstruction.. it would all be unnecessary extra work for the devs just to address something simply because you're not willing to accept that it has a different use than the A5 does and want it to be more modular or affect it's ballistic performance and whatnot..
The ballistics are not to be touched, they are based on physics and working as intended, this is why you for instance shouldn't use the SCAR-H (as it performs ballistically the same as the AKM) if you want ballistic performance but rather use it for the other benefits such as the reload&controls benefits it has over the AKM.

Save yourself the headache and just abandon your desire for changes to something working as intended, and instead complain about things that aren't realistically implemented (i.e; like how many complained the M249's recoil was irrationally bad as the real life gun hardly moves at all, etc).

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It's working as intended, doesn't need to be buffed in any manner, you can just pick another gun if you think it's bad.

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@n4thani3l 3 is a tad much considering what it is if laser is 2 points, but 3 seems like the necessary bare minimum for the sake of balance and choice (as 2 gives laser for hipfire which is less controllable etc).

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And funnily enough for a few seconds after running out of actual bounds, you can shoot lol

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  • Put it in the same loadout-spot as laser-sight (so you have to pick one of the two) and if you don't spend the supply points you don't get to utilize the option
  • Add angled secondary iron sights (same loadout slot as laser sight)
  • Make it the same keybind as laser-sight toggle
  • Make sights with secondary "irons" on top be incompatible with the laser-sight to denote the use of the secondary sights via toggle (add 1 supply point cost to optics with the secondary sights)
  • Add option for certain optics to have it as an added option for 1 supply cost (like acog with "Back-Up Iron Sight" option) and alternatively a 2-supply RMR red dot
  • Use the same system for magnifier-toggle for the "2x" optics (but increase supply cost of those optics as well)
  • Alternatively add a secondary "magnification goggle" for high magnification optics that have it in addition to sights on top of the optic, ELCAN Specter DR for instance has 1x & 4x toggle in addition to top sight "0x irons", so it would be a secondary bind option
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@b4ndo said in Patch-day "review-bombing" and points of worth from reviews:

win10 pro

That seems to be the trend right there, those I know play it on W7 seem to have better performance (for whatever that's worth) than W10.

Also.. I'm running 417.35.

This thread is about dialogue, it's all appreciated, we have to do our part and report issues we encounter. Such bugs as the no-hands is funny, not critical, but needs fixing nonetheless, bots critically need work, though mostly I don't hear of many other bugs than that.. bots are a big one though (helis included in that).

Granted, it's still early-life..

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So going through the reviews people dropped on the patch-day, there are a lot of negative reviews and such that literally have no reasoning behind them etc (so obviously can't be used as useful feedback or anything to even remotely consider as a valid complaint), but there were some complaints that seem a bit like there has to be an error in communication somewhere along the way.

First up, there are people complaining there is no communication between the devs and the community (which, we who ACTUALLY use the forum can say is bullshit clearly, as devs are active on here..), so I have a feeling there is a lack of understanding that there even IS a forum to go to, so that message needs to get worked on being spread (I assume a lot of folks think twitter to be the way you do community relations now lol..) so we need devs to take initiative here to make sure people are aware they can go to the forums to post (just gonna tag @Fortran so at least one NWI person is tagged and can maybe spread this further).

My tip to making sure there is awareness of it, is to have a thing in-game that opens up the forum when clicking, and I do recommend bringing back the in-game "submit issue report" thing we had in the alpha or beta for a while (it was very neat).

Now second point, people complain about performance.. and I'm of two minds about this, as it actually got a lot better for me with the new patch, and I don't really have any performance issues anymore because of it, but I understand that any game will run differently for different folks depending on what specs they have and such.. so there is a limit to how much can be said about this exactly from my point of view (as someone that got better performance from the patch lol), and the refusal of people to actually post about their performance issues on the forum and just assume there isn't any communication between devs and community simply because they're not getting twitter-replies or maybe not on steam discussions, doesn't help.

Lastly I'll add on one of the complaints I keep seeing that is (for a lack of a better phrasing) absolute fucking horseshit.. people complaining that the previous installment of insurgency is so much better, but they clearly didn't (or couldn't have by how it's commonly formulated) play it early on, because I sure as hell remember how it ran back then in that early of a state, and how long it took before it got to the point it's at now.. so it disappoints me it gets spread like it does, by people that think the previous title just released in the state it's currently at lol. So it's probably gonna take a while before that stubborn notion goes away from a very vocal misguided uninformed minority spreading such as gospel.

Though all that being said, I have a feeling there will be an uptick when modding/workshop comes along, particularly community-made maps.
If anyone has any points of note as for the improvement of the appeal of the game (outside of the obvious content and performance) I'd like to hear it, because the devs won't know what to do if nobody lets them know what could be done.

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Another point of note is that bots spawn WAY TOO CLOSE to objectives, particularly in the cases where they're also spawning in directly on top of players and spawning in on the previous objective as it's taken.

It makes little to no sense why bots would be spawning in behind the previously taken objectives as for players in push that would be a no-go zone.

Bots should be spawning by the NEXT objective initially, and respawns should be an equal distance from it as the attackers have to get back to it if they die (though it's just stupid to have to run back 250m if you die and then being a certain loss at that point if there's just 1 bot on the objective you were defending..).

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