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I think detail like this really makes a shooter immersive and truly fantastic! But you guys failed a tad with the reload.. The slide won't lock back without the magazine in pushing up on the slide-lock unless the user was holding it up.

It would merely cycle the action normally, round fires, slide moves back to pick up another round, slide closes as there is no magazine in the magwell to a) strip a round from and b) push up so it can lock it open if there is no round. The next pull of the trigger would cause the hammer to fall on an empty chamber, and you'd have to rack it again once next magazine is put in.

Outside of that minor (yet kind of major) thing, it looks excellent.

edit; I just got far enough in the recent update post and saw you guys are aware of it xD

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First off... pun intended.. But, pistols need suppressor-sights, it's pretty useless to aim for any form of accuracy with them in their current form when all sights for pistols are lower than the silencer/suppressor, when we don't even have an option for different sights for extra cost (like a 3-supply red dot) or maybe add lower sitting silencers/suppressors like the Osprey Suppressor, Makarov's specific PB-barrel and PB suppressor and elevated sights, etc. Maybe some XS Big-dot style sights that clear the silencers or something, or just taller front-blades

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Just the last couple of days of playing vs bots has yielded the following:

  • Bots have unrealistically good aim
  • Bots prefire
  • Melee'ing bots doesn't kill them (even when headshot melee) but they oneshot
  • Bots soaking bullets like a swamp but oneshotting to the chest of players even when the bots have no armor and players have max armor
  • Bots instakilling at stupid distances the second you round the corner when they have not seen you yet
  • Bots spawning in on objectives just taken
  • Bots spawning into buildings that are cleared and have all points of entry covered, and proceeding to kill players because of it
  • Bots seemingly prioritized over players by the servers, causing a case of "who shot first?" to happen, even when half a mag has been fired by the player into the bot, they fire once and player dies without them dying
  • Bots on 50 call shoot through buildings and walls without having any way of knowing there is a player there
  • Bots wallbanging randomly and hitting players from absurd distances
  • Suicide bomber bots blowing up next to caches and not detonating it
  • Suicide bomber bots spawning in numbers in excess of 3 and more at the time
  • Bot-team helis shooting at impossible angles, shooting through buildings and roofs, player helis not doing the same
  • Bots throwing MLB-grade grenades, impossible angles, through railings that the grenade can barely even fit through
  • Bots throwing smoke grenades and hitting players, killing the player
  • Bots having different perception of smoke than players, sometimes blinded by smoke players can see through, other times seeing right through smoke players can't
  • Bot commanders calling in multiple strikes at the same time
  • Bots throwing grenades that land exactly where you are about to spawn, killing you upon spawning (far from just once that's happened even just today)

It's getting pretty silly at this point how much ridiculous is happening. My biggest gripe with it all is probably the servers clearly prioritizing the bots over the players and soaking up way too many shots.

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The MP5 on CTE, where to begin..

Oh I know where; I FREAKING LOVE IT!
Good job on the feeling, the sound of it is almost perfect to the point where the only thing to change would be such a minor detail that most people won't even notice it or even know what that sound is (that being the MP5's audible sound when its roller-locking happens).

If there is a single point of note I have about it, it's the "combat-reload" on empty we did in the military, we were explicitly instructed to not do the "HK-slap" reload because it was horribly inefficient under stress and a waste of critical time.
The order in which we did on-empty reloads were as follows:

  1. eject the empty magazine
  2. put in the new magazine
  3. quickly rack the charging handle back and let it go home

Because it would be taking about half the time of doing

  1. pulling back the charging handle and locking it back in the notch
  2. taking out the empty magazine
  3. put in the new magazine
  4. positioning it so you could accurately slap the handle so it would go home

Most commonly the order would be

  1. grab the new mag
  2. while holding the new mag, grabbing the empty mag and just pulling it out so it drops
  3. inserting the new one
  4. racking it quickly

Saving time and not trying to do some (as the officers called it) "flashy hollywood bullshit", all about saving time with as few steps as possible with as little distance to move arms to conserve time. There wasn't any instructions on a combat reload per se while not on empty, but it basically was just the last mentioned just without racking it.

There is a tiny point of note:
It does however need itself some lower profile optics, as they get mounted so high up on it, so it's not rail-mount -> optics mount -> optic, but instead a low-pro mount directly mounting the optic to the rail or some of the mp5-mount optics that exist, but oh well

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@rpgdodger because the game just released maybe?

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@gangward said in MP5 Reloads,:

You cannot insert a magazine into an MP5 if the bolt is forward, it requires a lot of force and is time consuming.

This is bullshit.

Yes you can, I have done it for years, you just gotta get it in there with some authority, and it's exactly how you should train with those weapons, you cannot be silk-gloving them and expect it to translate over to combat stress scenarios. You have to be heavy-handed with the procedures (you're also supposed to slap the mag to be sure it's seated properly to avoid it falling out). That guy in the video is preaching his personal opinion, not what has been taught for years in military training, he's even doing it in a clearly soft way to try to emphasize that "his way" being "better", and the fact that he would rather advocate for wasting ammo than to just be heavy-handed shows he is more interested in selling "his way" of doing it than actually prioritizing the things taught by military instructors. The only time you're really likely to encounter proper struggles of inserting on a closed bolt is when you've overloaded your mag to 31 (because yes, a lot of MP5 mags you can actually overload them, the leeway in the mags that allow them to be overloaded is there for the explicit purpose to be able to reload on a closed bolt).

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I just played a match and the second I saw the top of the head of a bot, it instantly oneshot me and there weren't even animations for the bot having aimed at me.. yup, they're getting worse

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Since you don't seem to be getting the basic concept of why the A2 is the way the A2 is, it's going to be hard to make you understand why the devs have put it in with only long-range optics if you can't even grasp it being supposed to be a side-grade option for the Insurgents that desire its specific function.

Do not pick it if you want something dynamic and versatile, you can pick the AK's for that, or if you want something that has more punch, there's the FAL and the G3 etc, you have other options if you don't think the M16A2 works for your use, so then stop using it.

Insurgents have options that are both cheap and arguably the best guns in the game overall, so the M16A2 isn't supposed to be your "go-to" weapon for close quarters or even close-to-mid range. It has two distinctly popular uses in the game:

  • For long-range engagements
  • As a "throwaway" weapon you pick just so you get the magazines in your loadout and can just pick up a kitted out M4 from someone that died

This allows you to use the supply points for other things, rather than kitting out the A2 if you think it's not satisfactory (even though it's really freaking good at range when used in a DMR type of role, extremely good for tracking running targets at range), so regardless of opinion on the matter, the M16A2 is working as intended.
Sure, the devs could give it something like carryhandle-mounted rail and then optics on top of that, but they'd then have to design around the increased centerline shifts and account for even more factors like line-of-aim and barrel-line for obstruction.. it would all be unnecessary extra work for the devs just to address something simply because you're not willing to accept that it has a different use than the A5 does and want it to be more modular or affect it's ballistic performance and whatnot..
The ballistics are not to be touched, they are based on physics and working as intended, this is why you for instance shouldn't use the SCAR-H (as it performs ballistically the same as the AKM) if you want ballistic performance but rather use it for the other benefits such as the reload&controls benefits it has over the AKM.

Save yourself the headache and just abandon your desire for changes to something working as intended, and instead complain about things that aren't realistically implemented (i.e; like how many complained the M249's recoil was irrationally bad as the real life gun hardly moves at all, etc).

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