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@j3ff i read it wrong.
However, i did not expect someone could denie you to capture your screen. Still §8 explains how and when you can publish your experience.

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@saeed161161 said in Game wasn't launch!:

you will can download the game when alpha open read ur email !!

I read the mail more than three times for the exact same reason.
There is no information about when we can download the game. Best thing we get is: "The Closed technical Alpha will open Thursday July 12th 3PM CEST"
I bet you are right, but still there is no reason to be cocky, especially when you are wrong about the mail.

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Hi I recently got into the Closed Alpha and I noticed the NDA, which I plan on following. Im just curious if im allowed to record during the Closed Alpha and then release that footage after the NDA is lifted. Any help is appreciated, thanks!

Did you read the NDA? It's obligatory and also it's short.
Technically you are not allowed to Screencapture the game due to §4. and also you can not talk about it anywhere else then alpha forum for maximum 2 years or until officialy lifted due to §8.
It's 2 pages, big letters, read it.

Anyway, i bet there will be no harm if you record it know and maybe publish it once officially allowed. Mods?

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Got the key, but can't download/execute the game, hope this is intended, since the alpha is only starting tomorrow. If not i can file a bug right away. lol

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