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Yes, leaving a league and joining it, makes the league rules getting applied to your team, leaving a competition but staying in the league does not.

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Yes it should, with the "sides" I mean the wide zones of course, could come up with the correct term previously,

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I think you problem is that you might be misunderstanding how kick (frappe précise) works.
The ball will (almost) never land in the initial spot (blue pylon) you choose at kick off.

First, when you are actually using the player with the kick skill on kickoff, you choose where the ball should land

Then, after you choose where you want the ball to initially land, you get the two circles showing on the pitch.
You, as the coach, have to choose (i.e. click) how long you want the ball to scatter:

After you have chosen the scatter distance, you can see in the dicelog as well what the scatter roll was:

During kickoff, you have the option to choose what player is kicking. It looks a bit counter intuitive, but ignore the arrows that show scatter distance, and click on a player of your own. Normally, the game should choose you kick player automatically, but sometimes it doesn't and you need to click on that player yourself. So, if you fielded your kick player correctly (not on LoS or on the sides) and the scatter arrows show a distance of 6 instead of 3, you know the kick player isn't being used.

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That would probably be the Wizard Stadium enhancement.
There are several enhancements available for purchase:

  • Free wizard for both teams.
  • Free bribe for both teams.
  • Star players cost 50k less.
  • +1 to armor rolls if you fail a GFI.
  • -1 to armor rolls if you fall a GFI.
  • Weather is only ever nice and changing weather kick off is ignored.
  • Get the Ref and Throw a Stone kick off events are cancelled,
  • Pitch Invasion and Riot kick off events are cancelled.
  • +1 to injury rolls when a player is surfed.
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I nice feature for us league administrators to have would be an checkbox option indicating whether or not a competition can be automatically started once all tickets for that competition have been accepted.

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I should read better .... My answer had nothing to do with what you were asking

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First off, I found this and wanted to reply, but the forums suggested I create a new topic insted.
Re: Custom teams still have a secret invisible bank account

@Focus_Guillaume you mentioned that it was fixed in that thread, but we just stumbled upon this in one of our leagues.

Whenever you sell anything from the side bar stuffs then you will get cash into the bank, but you wont get money from players and whenever you buy stuff it first of all will use money from the invisible bank of refunds, and then if that bank is empty it will use the infinity of gold that you have to buy stuff.

If you want match details, I can dig them up for you...

Edit: forgot to mention that you of course get this invisible bank when you start your first match.

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We can keep an eye open, but we rarely have to admin played games, only the unplayed ones, @Focus_Guillaume

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Would you like to have more info @Focus_Guillaume ? we are experiencing this in our Rebbl divisions as well

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I know of at least two coaches over at ReBBl that are experiencing this, according to them, in Player vs Player as well.
We've been trying to get them reporting it here, so far to no avail.

I will get more information (what game) from them and get back here.

Just talked to both coaches, it's probably not the same issue, my apologies, they describe their issue as:

I can get to the end screen sometimes, but if I try to do anything it says I cannot connect to the server over and over.
Sometimes I can confirm, sometimes I cant.
One game it dumped me out as soon as the game ended.

They both think it's related to the countries they reside in, Korea and Thailand.
Here's an example game where it occured